Kris Humphries Stunned by Divorce Filing, Father Claims

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Kris Humphries got married on television to a reality star whose entire life is decided by her manager and her mother. But the NBA power forward's father insists: his son did NOT see a divorce from Kim Kardashian coming.

"There was never a discussion about it - it just came out of nowhere and blindsided Kris," William Humphries tells Life & Style. "How could someone do that? Kris was completely surprised. The news was already published before he found out!"

But why didn't Kris just check the script for season two of Kourtney & Kim Take New York?

Kim Kardashian on Life & Style Kover

Kardashian allegedly warned family and friends about the announcement prior to making it, but a friend says Kris was so hurt by being left out of the decision-making process that he refused to speak to Kim until she visited him in Minnesota at the behest of her PR team.

"Kris told me that Kim was texting him a lot, but he wouldn't respond," this pal claims. "They did speak briefly the day the split was announced - but only because Kim was apparently pissed that Kris had released his own statement."


I love the kardashians. They seem to me to be a truly loving. Close-knit family. They seem to be very genuine people. Everyone makes mistakes so back off all you who are sitting in judgment. Remember this - God don't like ugly. I love you Kardashian Klan. Debbie in Mississippi


Kim, forget about your Mom and your sisters follow your heart desire, go and get marriage conselling and get back to your husband.
Kris Humphries loves you and you two make a very nice couple. Please,Please get out of the media and work it out with your husband. The vows you made in front of the man of God and your guests were so powerful, so can not just wakeup in the morning and file for divorce without considering how Humphries is gonna feel or the all public. You will definately get punishment from God, think about it and set yourself free and enjoy your marriage again. So far you were my favorite couple in hollywood. Come on Kim do this to shame the devil, we know you have a good heart don't let this issue change our thinking about you.


Let the gypsy give back the money she rips off from the American couch potatoes to charity.Let them try the show with her old fart mother if it brings money.


kim shd have respect 4 the word calld marriage and stop flaunting her divorce paper about and as well pray to god to for give her for all she has done kris stil loves her if only she brings herslf down and turn a new leaf to become a wife material.marriage is not all about divorce kim needs marriage counseling.


Kim and Kris I am betting that you two can make it work so do not give up. Work it out and I just might tune into E television again.


Kris J., Khloe, keep all your opinions about the marriage to yourself and allow the couple the chance two work out their differences and do not give anymore air time to that marriage. I see nothing wrong with the things in life Kim enjoy or the way she wants to live but nor is there anything wrong with the way Kris H. lives they are very different in lifestyles but it is very obvious that the couple love each other and they could work this out given a chance. The NBA is off right now and I can not imagine Kim wanting to come back to E right now so why don't the couple hit the road get a way from it all and really take the time out to work on their marriage.


I see love between the couple. They got married to soon. Put the divorce on hold and go get some marriage counseling and date each other again and work out all the differences that you should have before the wedding and the couple just may work it out.


Yes Kris was the nasty one on camera. And if he said he didn't know what he was getting into he's lying. How many pictures of Kim have any of us seen in the news, papers, or magazines just going to the store. Dina Manzo's husband was never on camera and it didn't hurt the New Jersey housewives series. I had no idea who Kris Humphries was until the Kardashians. Could this have been a publicity stunt for him. Now the poor divorced husband to be. What stories will he sale. And as far as Kris Jenner goes she's a good mother who takes care of her children and stands behind them. Some of you should look at your own lives. It seems as though alot of you are taking your misery out on Kim. Stand up for yourself and do what she did. Take control and do what's better for her.If that means dupping a man who was nasty to her on screen lord only knows what she could have endured behind closed dooors! You go KIM!!!!!!


It clear that Kim is not a marriage material. She works for a reality TV but watches too much of cartoon network. She should never have agreed to marry Kris if it was never her intention to make it work. Also look at how much money was spent, all for nothing!


@Cakes, you are completely delusional if you think by Kris was abusive! Playing a little rough with Kim and saying that she looks better with less makeup and perhaps there are more things in life down-to-earth, and want a low-key relationship, but she can't...Kris is an easy going country boy and already had concerns about her spending habits and when you get married it is a partnership. Kim wanted to run the marriage and not let him have a say in the marriage. She is very controlling like her mom. But, Kris loved her regardless of all the men and video. This family stands for nothing wholesome or good. To say Kris was abusive is EXTREME IGNORANCE and you must one of those "stuffy,I don't know how to be a woman and have fun with my man wrestling- type women, Sorry honey not tonight i just got my hair done" OMG no dogs on my bed or furniture" nagging types.

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