Selena Gomez Raps, Curses, Debuts Alter Ego for MTV EMA Promo

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Sorry, Justin Bieber. But your girlfriend has totally shown you up.

A couple days after Bieber premiered his music video for "Mistletoe," Selena Gomez has come out with an even more impressive effort. The young star will host this year's MTV European Music Awards on November 6 in Belfast, Ireland - and she may be bringing an alter ago along for the gig.

In the following ad, Selena breaks out her rapping skillz, getting down and dirty and congratulating herself on a job that's sure to be well done. Watch now:

“With the promo that we released, its kind of the direction I want to go in. There will be fun and different and things people have never seen me do before,” Gomez told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m definitely nervous."

There's no reason to be, S. This is seriously hilarious and entertaining.


just wondering is this for 2011 or 2012
im confused


I don't like this.. They chose the wrong person to host EMA..They still have wizards of waverly place playing on disney and this is crazy shit she's doing. If selena can't handle being the good girl image they should stop playing WOWP on Disney. Children stil watch that and they look up to her..BTW everyone is entitled to there own opinions. I love Sel's music but this is bunch of shit. What is she trying to prove. Now she's all grown up she thinks she can be all cool and swagged up. You people are always targeting Miley Cyrus like she's the only 19 year old celeb who does this crazy shit.


all i wanna know is if selena really curses in the video or if they just make it seem like she is by blocking it?????????????


hai jan i love you d:ont marry justin and happy chirmas selena


im glad she showing her bad side..shes not 11 no more she growing up..shes not gonna be a good girl forever!!!


LOL selena!


@Sarah, grow up! Selena is great l agree, but bringing Miley down doesnt make Selena more great, there is no need to hate one because you love the other. @Blaize, people were hard on Miley becz she was underage and still a disney role model but that all ended shes grown up now, people's initial shock z over and the papz dnt care much anymore, even HH only has about 2 Miley posts referring to her dressing (correct me if lm wrong) and to be frank l dnt think people care at all, its all old news, so leave Selena alone she wnt be a teen for long!! They both rock in unique ways!


I'm not trying to cause a feud between Selena Gomez. I'm just pointing out that people are harder on Miley Cyrus than they are on most other celebrities.


selena do whatever she want to do
ok..and miley is a bitch and her controversies are like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH



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