Kelly Osbourne on Christina Aguilera Weight Gain: I Was Never THAT Fat ...

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Kelly Osbourne really does not like Christina Aguilera. She's come out hard against the singer's weight again, saying she was never as fat as Christina is now.

Just two months ago, the E! Fashion Police co-host blatantly called Aguilera a fat bitch and the c-word to boot. Osbourne has never been one to mince words.

When co-host George Kotsiopoulous defended Christina's get-up at the Michael Jackson tribute concert, saying she's "still probably a size 2/4," Kelly scoffed.

"Trust me," she sniped. "I'm a 2/4. That is not a 2/4. I was never that fat."

Christina Aguilera Weight Gain
Thin Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera at this month's concert and in January 2010.

The Voice judge has been the source of criticism for pairing a tight-fitting black bodysuit with fishnets, heavy-handed makeup and massive hair at the show.

It's unclear exactly why Osbourne hates her so much, but this summer, she said, "She called me fat for f*cking years, so you know what? You're fat, too."

What do you think? Has Christina Aguilera put on weight recently, and does it matter? Does she look better now? Should Kelly Osbourne shut her yap?

Leave your comments on this vitally important celebrity feud below.


kelly needs to shutup she don't need to be talking


Are you kidding!!!, Kelly Osbourne is not fit to touch one hair on Christina's Aguliera's beautiful and talented blond head.....

@ Di

Christina is a gross fat loser who periods down her leg while singing her stupid songs. You like that? eww


Kelly unfortunately didnt fall far from the tree...sharrons the same way.I think christina would look better if her outfits werent so tight.She looks like a sausage even if shes only 100 lbs;she looks bigger.


Did you see the video??? Xtina tried to fix things and try to speak with kelly, kelly insult Christina FIRST in the ousbournes...Kelly started it all. Don't start what you can't finish,Christina is beautiful,no matter what that bitch say,wordS can't bring her down!
.... Kelly is still bitter after all these years.. it's really a shame. It's so funny because the media always tries to make it seem like Christina is this mean ass bitch when in reality, she's not. She hasn't said one bad word about Kelly in like 8 years.. maybe more. Kelly needs to grow up. XTINA ROCKS!!!!


I love how people are making a big deal about how she called Christina fat. Um, calling someone the c-word is worse. That's something people scream at their wives while they beat them. She knows that. That's why she says that. And yes, she's wrong here, because she started the fight and then got butthurt that Christina shot back, and is now pretending to be the one who was bullied. However why are you shocked? Kelly Osbourne was always a bad person, and a coward at that. That's her schtick. She's popular for being a famous person's daughter and then stays in the media for being the scum of the earth. I thought that's what her vapid fan-base liked so about her.


Kelly you was never that fat you are correct about that. YOU WAS WAY BIGGER NOT ONLY THAT BUT YOU WAS A NASTY FILTY DRUNK TOO I am not fan of Christina Aquillera but the truth is the truth you was A FAT ALOB and you still ARE. No matter how big Christina gets she will always be better looking than you and an artist you just mad that you tried to sing and you never made it with your corny wanna be singer lmao I have one word for you HATERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!


Cristina is beautiful thin or curvy. With a tremendous voice ! Kelly, I'm sorry but you'll never live up to Cristina's expectations.


Oh Kelly,what a terrible person you are. Christina is a very talented singer,who cares about her weight gain. I think you are just jealous, and yes you were much fatter than she is now. The name calling just shows what an awful person you really are. One day this might come back and bite you in the ass for being so nasty. You need to apologize to Christina, and mean it. And yes by the way what do you do?


Honestly, in this one picture she looks horrible. But if you google her or see her on the voice, she still looks stunning. She did put on a little weight, but she wears it well... as long as she dresses appropriately for her weight that is, unlike the above style.


I agree with a lot of you. Kelly is riding on the fame tail coats of her parents. Christina has a talent that is all her own and has earned her spotlight. She is prettier (thin or) plus sized than Kelly could ever hope to be. I say Kelly is jealous, plain and simple. Christina was sexy thin and is proving that just like Marilyn Monroe, curves are sexy too. Go Christina!

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