Is Josh Krajcik Done Slinging Burritos?

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While Brennin Hunt aims to be the biggest music superstar on the planet, fellow X Factor contestant Josh Krajcik has a far more modest goal:

He just wants to get out of the burrito-slinging game.

A fast food employee and father of a 13-year old girl, let's face it: Krajcik doesn't look the part of a commercial artist. But he sang for his X Factor life last night in front of Nicole Scherzinger and Enrique Igelsis and would have done Johnny Cash proud with his version of "First Time I Ever Saw Your Face." Will it be enough to advance him to the next round? Let's hope so...


wouldn't you just love to hear Josh sing America The Beautiful (with the energy & 'wonderment' that he sang At Last !!!) Can't wait to hear more by him. I HOPE HE WINS THE X FACTOR :)


Josh's performances always leave me wanting more!! He's fabulous!! I say no more slinging burritos... Leave that job for somebody else. Your a STAR!!


his voice is so soothing! he'll be great with just a little vocal training/exercising. hes very relatable and could easily be a star & sell lots of records! ^_^


I loved your performance last night!! I got goosebumps listening to your voice.


Loved your performance last night. I love to hear you sing. Your from Columbus Ohio, Way to Represent OHIO!!!!!

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