Is Josh Krajcik Done Slinging Burritos?

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While Brennin Hunt aims to be the biggest music superstar on the planet, fellow X Factor contestant Josh Krajcik has a far more modest goal:

He just wants to get out of the burrito-slinging game.

A fast food employee and father of a 13-year old girl, let's face it: Krajcik doesn't look the part of a commercial artist. But he sang for his X Factor life last night in front of Nicole Scherzinger and Enrique Igelsis and would have done Johnny Cash proud with his version of "First Time I Ever Saw Your Face." Will it be enough to advance him to the next round? Let's hope so...

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wouldn't you just love to hear Josh sing America The Beautiful (with the energy & 'wonderment' that he sang At Last !!!) Can't wait to hear more by him. I HOPE HE WINS THE X FACTOR :)


Josh's performances always leave me wanting more!! He's fabulous!! I say no more slinging burritos... Leave that job for somebody else. Your a STAR!!


his voice is so soothing! he'll be great with just a little vocal training/exercising. hes very relatable and could easily be a star & sell lots of records! ^_^


I loved your performance last night!! I got goosebumps listening to your voice.


Loved your performance last night. I love to hear you sing. Your from Columbus Ohio, Way to Represent OHIO!!!!!

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