Kim Kardashian Klamors for Kids

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She made $5 million of her sex tape. And $18 million off her wedding.

Might Kim Kardashian break into the 10 figures by selling exclusive rights to her baby photos?

Klamoring for Kids

Klint? Kameron? Kora? Let the Kim Kardashian baby name game begin!

Unfortunately, we're likely to find out soon, as Kim told People Magazine last night that she's already contemplating children.

"Being a mom is something I've always wanted, so I would love to be one someday," she said, perhaps giving us an idea of why she'd want to remove all sex tape material from the Internet.

For now, of course, Kim is simply a newlywed, one who is back in New York City to film a reality show.

"I love being a wife," she said. "It's really fun, but I don't feel any different. I still have that exciting, dating feeling with him."



If you dislike Kim then stop looking for her latest updates and watching her show.


Kris and Kim opened a can of worms by trying to squash her disgusting behavior – that will certainly embarrass any children they may have – someday her children (and their friends) can watch their mother do disgusting things…for fame and money. Kim, you’d better start coughing up a LOT of dough: $30 million is chump change to a site like Pornhub! Pornhub can put it up online and charge $4.99 a crack (pun intended) and make $100 million!


Being a wife is fun? It's not a past time! I don't think this girl realizes all the responsibility of being a wife. Man, she's gonna crack under pressure! I see it now..


He seems almost unaware of a lot. I do hope they have love and true happiness. I prefer him to her until I learned that the famewhoring Kris mama is now his manager too. Some tacky money stuff going on ,I fear. These people are destroying their lives to the tune of big big bucks. Not everything should be for sale. This whole family is screwed and it is almost cringe worthy . Very uninteresting ,rode hard and hung up to dry. Weird phenomenon this Reality Faux Celeb stuff.


Kim, ur 'fan club of haterz' r bak!! I can hear u laugh'n @ how dumb their comments sound,lmao. They hate u 4 ur sex tape,yet they'v watchd it. They hate ur perfume,yet they buy it/ make it their biz2 smell it...i kno, im lost&laugh'n @ their dumbasses even harder. Oh & they THINK ur talentless,yet they watch Jersey Shore(i guess ppl wit real talent,lollollollollol), & ur STILL making A-lister $$$. Well hell, i'll laugh that hard 2 f i were u


Do either one of them care how stupid they look together??? How much do you think he will get pimping her?


I am tired of looking at that ape like creature and his bitch of a witch. Her new purfume smells like her pussy- Aids infested and Raunchy!


My absolute favourite part of Kims sex tape is when Ray J shoved his d!ck up Kims a$$ Kim looked like she was in soooooo much pain but she never told Ray J to stop she was like oooh Ray J shove it up harder push it harder baby push it harder Kim looked into the camera all helpless while Ray J plowed Kims a$$ to shreads the look on Kims face was priceless!


Its too late to remove her sex tape it is all over the internet and various porn sites all over the world Kim should have thought about the long term consequences of selling that sex tape but no all her and her foul mother could think of is immediate fame and posing on red carpets I can google Kim right now and see pics of her with some guys d!ck in her mouth she will have to explain that to her kids someday and removing the sex tape isn't going to prevent that


This Is the Kim's and Kris' best picture together.


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