Did Ali Lohan Get Plastic Surgery?

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Ali Lohan is raised eyebrows with a shocking new look.

At least one Hollywood plastic surgeon tells Radar Online that the 17-year-old sister of Lindsay may well have had Botox injected into her dome.

“It’s obvious that her eyebrows are higher than they were before,” Dr. Gary Alter said. “There doesn’t appear to be movement on her forehead."

Here's Ali this summer (left) and back in 2008:

Ali Lohan Cleavage
Young Ali Lohan

It's not just Botox. Ali Lohan's face also appears to look different.

Some people are speculating that Ali Lohan also had a nose job, though it is hard to tell given the angle of the photos, not to mention the model's face naturally changing from age 14 to 17 (going on 35 if she's anything like Lindsay).

You have to admit, she's dressing older if you know what we mean!

People under 18 are generally not allowed to get nose jobs unless they are suffering from a breathing problem or they get consent from their parents.

Well, that explains it. The last part wouldn't be a problem for Ali.

What do you think? Did she get plastic surgery done?

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hey dolly your soooooo wrong aliana is gorgeous now and before and always, always beautiful and abe gurko aliana is a beauty like her sister if anything shes more beautiful than her sister lindsay a perfect 10


The most girls in Croatia looks like Ali Lohan.
Lindsey Lohan is very the best.


This is simply not a pretty girl. Not now. Not before. Not ever.


Everyone is getting fresh cheeks these days. But now that young starlets are getting them, well, oy. Ali Lohan used to be a fresh-faced cutey. Sure, no beauty like her sister Lindsay, but still, fresh-faced. Now she is fresh cheeked http://bit.ly/oKBSUQ

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