Big Brother Recap: Farewell to the Ring Leader

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With her back against the wall, how did Shelly respond on Big Brother? Did she beg to stay, accept her fate and bow out gracefully or try some subterfuge?

Rachel's veto win put Shelly in the rare position of having to fight for her own survival, rather than merely playing off someone else (which she does well).

But did it pay off, or did Adam, the beacon of Big Brother uselessness, live to do nothing another week? Who was kicked off when the votes were tallied?

THG recaps last night's Big Brother episode below ...

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Minus 10 off the bat, because of of the Jets-Eagles game, Big Brother was not aired on much of the east coast until after 1:30 a.m. For a PRESEASON game. We love the NFL and all, but why do this to the live eviction episode?

You knew Shelly would not go quietly, and props to her for that. In a house full of dead weight, she fought, clawed, deceived, lied and did everything she could to advance her personal interests in the game proactively. Plus 15, Shell.

She had no shot last night, though. Minus 7.

Even if Rachel weren't an immature, vindictive, obnoxious human, no one could upend Jeff and win back trust on that side of the house. Plus 3 for trying though.

She offered her DIAMOND RING to Rachel as a token of trust. Minus 20 for that insane act of desperation, but Plus 20 because it was fake and for going all out.

"Why would there be a fortune teller in this house that wasn't going to give you a fortune, or some magic power?" - Shelly. A fair question, right? Minus 4.

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"Am I playing strategic, or am I playing personal?" - Jordan. Personal. Plus 3.

Life in the jury house clips! Minus 7 because they were kind of weak, actually. No real confrontations like the kind you'd expect from these three BB titans.

Brendon said he would have been sad to see Rachel walk through the door, but y'know, at least they could have a romantic vacation together. Vom. Minus 10.

Throughout the eviction ceremony, Adam knew he was sitting pretty. The dude was smiling so hard, you'd have sworn he actually won a competition. Plus 6.

Kalia gave us a surprising glimmer of hope when she voted for Adam to get the chop, but it was moot when Rachel and Jordan easily evicted Shelly. Minus 4.

Shelly gets props once again for honestly telling Julie how she tried to separate Jeff and Jordan to go all the way. She did feel bad too, we think. Plus 9.

"I never disrespect... my elders. I'm just really disappointed." - Jordan's goodbye video. Ouch! Plus 3 for that passive-aggressive dig at her on the way out.

The winner of the Head of Household contest was not shown, but we know who it is. Spoiler alert ... no, we'll leave it to you to post in the comments...


Who's going to win Big Brother 13?


kalia fight hard boo. and if rachel thinks she going win by taking that lazy winny i like to pretend like i am dumb jordan then she need to wake up. and to all the j/j fan all i got to say is wow they have a strategy just like everyone else so stop all this non sense. its a game not who i love game. if u love j/j so much poure ur heart out to them by mail. jeff u said fight hard or go home and u want home so get over it.


I HOPE JORDAN WINS AGAIN!! Screw Rachel. She should've gone with her man!!


I am thrilled that Shelley is gone. I would love to see how she handles the crap she left at home. The threats to her family. The calls to her job. Etc. The reason she gave for voting Jeff out sounded like an afterthought to try and save herself and did not seem sincere.


i think next year show should be about all the people who got evited the first night out i think they all should have a chance to play the game again just a though.


"Jorchel" - lol. This happens every summer ... I swear that I'm not gonna watch this crappy show. Then, about a month in, I'm hooked. By the end, I'm absolutely hyperventilating as I watch. I don't understand why BB has this effect on me - a lot of the contestants are just horrible people. I don't give a crep about any other reality shows. Sooo addictive!


So disappointed in BB.the show has done everything in it's power to keep the vets in the house,from bringing back Brendan,to the duo twist.Why not just have all vets if that's the way they want to play it?The way this show has manipulated the out come of competitions is outrageous.I know they need ratings ,but enough already.Rachel would have gone home if it wasn't for the Pandora's Box.Jordan couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag,just a waste of skin. Any newbie for the win.Hope Jordan is gone next.She will win if they don't vote her out soon.Survivor,or TAR can't start soon enough.BB has lost this viewer for next year.


Rachel WON!!!!


Rachel Won!!!


WOO HOO the lying two faced promises everybody exactly what they want to hear and then turn on her friend way early on is finally gone. Shelly you started plotting against jeff and jordan as soon as u started talking to danelle; so you are a big lyer. did u really think that jeff, jordan and rachelle would forgive you? come one HONESTLY?


Who won HOH?

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