Kendra Wilkinson on Crystal Harris: Cruel Mouth-Runner!

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Kendra Wilkinson just doesn't get it.

Granted, this former Girl Next Door opened up about her relationship with Hugh Hefner in the memoir "Sliding Into Home," but her situation can't compare to that of Crystal Harris. Why?

"She was about to get married to him. I would have never agreed to get married to him," Kendra told People yesterday when asked about Crystal's disparaging remarks on The Howard Stern Show. "To [plan to] get married and then be a backstabber to someone like that... to take it to that level and then go and backstab, that's, like, cruel, you know?"

Very Tan Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra can relate to life at the Playboy Mansion, but her opinion of Harris has changed for the worse over the last couple weeks.

"At first I was really proud," Wilkinson said. "I was like, 'Wow, she's being classy about things.' But then lately, she's just like totally running her mouth and it's hard."

Or, it's the opposite of Hugh Hefner.


Crystal is greedy. I hope she doesn't get the dog. If she really cared for the dog, then she would not have have taken the ring or Bentley, such a materialistic, cruel person!!


Ahhh but here is the million dollar question, (quite literally), if Hef were an old wrinkled bum on the corner of some no name street would ANY of these money honey bimbos have looked at him twice, or even so much have wanted to "care" for him??? Yet again I rest my case... Money hungry whores ...


Right let's get things straight crystal harris just used hef for fame and money that's what you call a famewhore she's the number1 slag no one likes her apart from those desprados. All she's good for is tasking her clothes of 4 money fucking get a job and get your own money well well I got one job for her wear some tarty clothes and stand on the roads u might just get enough attention and most of all money u fucking ugly tramp go to hell


I Agree with Kendra, Crystal had No right To Do That To Hef!! She is a " Money - Grubbing" Whore! Kendra, Bridget And Holly Cared For Hef, And they still do.


Yeah, she's a user and a fraud. No one loves her now. She can go work @ Burger King.. Bye Crystal, your creepy cryptonite ass must stay away from Super Hef. But Hef, seek God man, you're to old for this crap.


Would never have agreed to marry him????? That now makes her live in relationship with Hefner suddenly very creepy.


all of Hef's playmates luv him,& they r gonna defend him&i dont blame them,all the $$ he pay them4takin off their clothes4pics. I agree wit Kendra,bcuz f u accept sum1's proposal& then @the last min u bak out,thats bullsh*t,u knew u never wantd2marry that person@ all. She is a f*ckin coward

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