Big Brother Recap: Pandora's Boxed Out

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Fallout from the shocking double eviction continued to play out on Big Brother Sunday night, with a rare look back at some of the events of the previous week.

We finally got to see the blowup that left Big Jeff so enraged at Shelly (whose family has been getting death threats over this) and earned him a spot on the jury.

That was just the first part of Sunday's episode, with the rest centering around the new Head of Household competition, and the return of Pandora's Box.

THG recaps last night's Big Brother mania below ...

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In a season that has lacked for excitement at times, CBS did the right thing rehashing the events that preceded Jeff's surprise ouster last week. Plus 5.

Minus 18, though, for Shelly's utter nonsense. It wasn't bad strategy to get rid of Jeff (far from it in fact), but her attempts to explain her side deals with other players just came across as disingenuous and ridiculous.

Plus 9, though, because this season certainly got interesting.

Minus 2 for Rachel dropping the f-bomb again. Fiance! Fiance!

Jeff calls Shelly a rat. Shelly likens herself to a horse. Expletives fly. Adam is somehow involved. This is getting ugly. Entertaining, though, so ... Plus 5.

Did Jeff come back at her too hard? Hindsight is 20/20, but had he let it go a little sooner regarding Daniele, he might have had a better chance of winning her back into his camp when he personally sat on the block. Minus 7.

Jeff was the glue of this crew. Him being gone means there is a complete free for-all for the $500,000, which is good, but far less stability, so ... Wash.

Plus 10 for Jordan absolutely EXPLODING at Shelly. Did not see that coming from Jordan. It was borderline uncomfortable to watch, but Shelly had it coming.

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"I just don't want to deal with all this fighting." - Rachel. Wow. That's when you know it must be bad in there. Plus only 4, because she cry-bernated later.

Adam really is the definition of floater at this stage of the game. Minus 5.

Kalia's Diary Room visits are becoming increasingly cringe-worthy. Minus 6.

Porsche DOMINATED the snake eyes challenge to win her second straight competition. She's not smart, but no longer can she be called a floater. Plus 8.

Jordan and Rachel cry some more. Okay, pull it together girls. Minus 3.

Tempted by $10,000, Porsche decides to open Pandora's Box, which brings with it the return of the Duo Twist. Meaning if she puts up Jordan and Rachel, a single veto would save them both. As Dani would say, shocker! Plus 15.

Tempting as it is, Porsche should never have opened the box this late. Minus 24, because this close to the end, she held SO much power with so little potential for a big additional reward. Think about it! Worst. Game. Move. Ever.

At the same time, Rachel and Jordan acted like they won the whole thing, when they only caught a modest break. If Porsche nominates them, they still need to win the veto. And if they do, Adam is voted out. Life goes on. Plus 4.


Of the final six, who's going to win Big Brother?


What good would final four or even final three have done Shelly if Jeff and Jordan had been seperated. Why do so many people think that everyone else was obligated to do Jeff and Jordan's bidding and carry them both to the end. Think about it do you really think anyone came into the game just to help Jeff and Jordan win? I think everyone came in to win the top prize. Shelly did what she needed to do to further herself in the game. At the end of the day she would have came away with ziltch if Jeff and Jordan took her to the final 3 and I don't believe that they would have.


No respect for Shelly or Kalia! Both have to go then Porcha.
Shelly said some Bad stuff regarding Rachel.she is all about her little girl seeing this,shame on you Shelly.


wow do you people not understand this is a game Shelly should have voted Jeff out I like jeff and Jordan but they won once give someone else a chance this is not Jordan and Jeff game it's BB people Jeff does nothing but take things personal that was his down fall good for Shelly and far as her telling lies its part of the game why would she get death treats when evil Dick did why worst in his season dont understand the way you people think


First of all, it was unfair for BB to bring vets into the house to play this season with new houseguests. Secondly, whenver the newbies have control of the game, BB always change the game for the vets to have equal control. Lastly, why is a previous winner of BB participating in the game this season? Jordon stated that she was there "just for Jeff". He's gone now so why is she allowed to continue to play as oppose to possible new BB players who desperately need the money to win. So unfair BB!


I agree with Taylor. I think Shelly will go home before Adam...but Jordan and Shelly made up and are friends again.


If jordan and Rachel win the veto and take themselves off.. Shelley and Adam have to go up. Then it's jordan and rachel and kalia that vote.. Since porsche is HOH . Jordan and Rachel are voting out Shelley no questions asked. So adam won't be going home.. shelley will.


I was a big Shelly fan until she knifed Jordan and Jeff in the back...should have seen that coming because all she could do was deny deny deny when she was confronted in earlier about throwing Jorden under the bus...what an backstabber I hope she goes next!


I have never been so pissed...4 shelly 2 do that to jeff an jordon after everything they done 4 her it may just be a game but there is a certain code 2 life that was just wrong i hope she goes next! i would love 2 see that! I was a big shelly fan until she did what she did!!!


Good going Shelly, you went from final 4 to final 6

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