Big Brother Recap: A Big Twist, An EPIC Fail

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On the bright side, Lawon Exum has made Big Brother history.

Unfortunately, after Lawon's absurd strategy backfired so horribly, his place in history is guaranteed by having made the worst move in 13 seasons.

The worst part is that you could see it coming, and by the time the votes were cast, you knew how the final portion of the episode would play out.

Between his brilliant idea and Kalia backtracking on her original plan, the newbies have collectively proved wholly incapable of playing Big Brother.

THG recaps Thursday's Big Brother installment below ...

Lawon Pic

It's hard to even know where to start with Lawon's stupidity at this point. Why on Earth would he assume, just because there was a chance he could come back, that he would automatically do so, with special powers no less? Minus 20.

Even Julie had to laugh at that one. Plus 8.

Let's also give Minus 10 to Kalia for not sticking to her guns and putting up Jordan, thus forcing the house to vote out Rachel and take their chances. Even if Rachel returned, just nominate her again! Such spineless ineptitude.

Plus 8 for the amusing Matt and Ragan feature. We miss those guys!

Ragan coined the term "crybernating" for Rachel's nonsense. Plus 5.

Plus 6, somewhat reluctantly, for Lawon's odd behavior prior to the eviction, strutting around, swearing and spouting lies for no reason at all.

Lawon was sent packing unanimously, leaving Rachel safe and sound for another week. It's hard to blame people for voting off the guy who wants to be voted off, but still. Daniele, clearly, regretted this immediately. Minus 4.

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly Picture

Plus 7 for Rachel's expression as Julie revealed the twist on the twist.

America narrowly chose Brendon over Dominic. Come on. Minus 9.

Brendon absolutely slaughtered Lawon in the competition, which was so stacked in his favor (not that CBS knew who he'd be playing against) that his victory was basically assured simply by showing up. Minus 12.

Predictability aside, the guy is good at this stuff. Plus 7.

Catching a glimpse of clean-shaven Adam made us think "who is that guy" at least five times over the course of an hour. Plus 3 for switching things up.

Dani took her eyes off the ball this week, overthinking things and underestimating Rachel, who she wanted out so badly. Minus 9, on Evel Dick's behalf.

Watch out for Shelly. She's playing everybody. Plus 5.

There was no time to crown the new HoH (on CBS at least) or to hear Lawon describe what the heck he was thinking. Eh, probably for the best. Plus 5.



I don't like Brendon nor Rachel, but together they are entertaining to watch. I don't think that the results of the vote were rigged and I'm pretty sure that most people who voted to bring Brendon back did so because they expected Rachel to be evicted (the Lawon debacle happened in the last couple of days) and wanted to see the ultimate face-off. I would have voted for Brendon, if I lived in the States... So I'm glad he's back - although Adam would have been good on Dani's team. (Dani's my favourite HG.) As for Kalia's whining (why did you vote for Brendon, America?)...gurl, wake up. It's a show meant for viewers' entertainment, not for the houseguests' benefit.


It is riged.
I will not watch anymore until they get their s---


I am not going to watch BigBrother anymore....ratings r going to drop.....why would u bring Brendon back? This is riged... Shame on CBS....for this mess! I didnt like Rachel or Brendon last season....and dont like them now.


I agree;I"m beginning to think the whole thing is rigged. Why would they bring back Rachel(CRYBABY)and Brendon;when all she did last time was create havoc.It"s ok as long as things are going her way;but if she loses;WATCH OUT!!!!!!! Jordan and Jeff are starting to act the same wayBirds of a feather;flock together. Why didn"t they brinf Cowboy and his sister back?? Everyone I know is against the return of former players.


I think its another ploy for ratings. Of course CBS knew who was going up against Lawon. Ratings must be down for this season's Big Brother. I am so sick of Rachel & Brendon that I don't care about watching anymore. Why can't we just go back to the old Big Brother when they got voted off there OFF!


Are you kidding? Of course CBS knew who was going against who! They monitor the house 24/7 they know who is going to get evicted. And I feel like they rigged Brendon back in for good TV. Not that many people could've voted for him!


since dani is the new hoh i guess cbs just rewinded the season 2 week Dumb!


I can't stand the + & - after each comment. Lawon was an idiot for nominating himself. Most people who nominate themselves do so as a pawn not to be evicted. He said evict me, so he gets the worst player award. I am so glad Dominic didn't come back, he was to arrogant too early. You can tell he sat & thought of the name the "Regulators" for a long time & then they all went out. What a great alliance. Your supposed to sit back for a few days before you jump & make a 4 person alliance, like maybe pick people who can win competitions.

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