Pippa Middleton: Sexy Even When Working Out!

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Pippa Middleton's parents are surely proud of their kids for more significant reasons, but man, they created two of earth's most photogenic young women!

While Kate Middleton's weight has raised eyebrows, the Duchess and her little sis continue to captivate the UK and the world with their every move.

Here's Pippa Middleton, pretty in pink and out for a jog in London earlier today. How does one look so darn gorgeous and stylish, even when working out?

Pippa Middleton Jogging
Pippa Jogs

The UK's most eligible bachelorette stays in tip-top shape.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News, Fame Pictures]

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I don't find her face attractive at all. I don't understand what the big deal is. She's thin and works out, so what.


I find neither the Duchess nor her sister to be awe inspiring or whatever word was used. I don't live for news about them or their adventures. I am glad they are both happy but I don't want to hear about them everyday.


I run 3 miles a day why dont i have a photo and post on this site?


To me, Pippa's athleticism is truly inspirational.