Family of Pippa Middleton Files Formal Complaint Over Racy Photo Publication

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With Prince William and Kate Middleton on a secret honeymoon locale chosen in large part to avoid paparazzi, these media members are under siege in the UK.

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    Who sunbathes topless in front of their sisters boyfriend, who happens to be the future kind, their brother, their uncle AND their father? A bit weird if you ask me. Somebody needed attention that day. Poor Pippa


    I think they should leave her alone it is her business not anybody else what she does leave the Middletons alone it is there lioves and how they live it is there business and no one elsers business


    Pippa has done nothing wrong! Shes just being a normal girl and everyone is making a fuss!


    They should be sued back and these Middletons who have been clinging to all things Royal must be thrown in jail...


    "The racy photo controversy involves shots of Pippa, Kate's sister and made of honor..."

    "MADE" OF HONOR? Seriously? Do you even bother to proofread before posting?


    Too much fuss about Pippa. She is no where near as attractive as Kate. Who really cares what she does.


    I don't think we need to make excuses for her. This family has taken every step possible to ensure their daughter married Prince William. He and Kate were dating when Pippa sunbathed topless so all should have known that was taking a risk. It's no one's business but, again, the Middletons' knew and know the field in which they are playing. And it's a downside to their daughter marrying Prince William.


    @peartree, she wasn't "posing topless." She was sunbathing with her top off so she would get an even tan on her back like many people do. These pictures actually go a ways back so how was she to know they'd be everywhere for everyone to see? It's not like SHE's the one marrying a prince. The media needs to stop immediately.


    I think it is disgusting how these people obtained these pictures and now want to display them for everyone to see. They should look in their own backyards before harassing people who did nothing at all to warrant this kind of publicity. I'm also disgusted how Playboy wants to pay Pippa millions of dollars to pose nude in their magazine. What a disgusting bunch of people. If that were my daughter, I would be so furious.

    Just leave these people alone and let them live their lives. It is none of anyone's business what they do.


    oooh booo hooo waaaaah waaaaah crybaby!!!!! its her own fault!!! She shouldnt have posed topless or anything if she didnt want anybody to see.

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