Alexis Bellino Shares Eating Disorder Struggles

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A star on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Alexis Bellino has shared almost everything about her life with viewers. Except this:

She struggled for years with anorexia and bulimia.

"I just didn't want to eat," Bellino says in the latest issue of Life & Style, saying the problem started at age 12 when her parents split. "Looking back, I think it was my way of controlling something at a time when everything else in my life was out of my control."

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During her freshman year in college, the purging began, which led to six years of throwing up many meals and feeling "heavy," Alexis says.

In 2002, her marriage collapsed and Bellino sought help for her body issues. But it wasn't until marrying Jim Bellino in 2005 that someone "finally got me to stop counting calories," she admits. "He loves my body. In fact, he says he likes me about five pounds heavier."

Now weighing between 118 and 122 pounds, the disorder hasn't gone away completely. It never will, as others who suffer from similar problems (such as Demi Lovato) have also admitted.

"It cannot be cured, but it doesn't have to be practiced," says Alexis, who says she still tries to consume only 900 calories per day. "My goal is to reach other women - and let them know that they can conquer it."

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o you nay-sayers above.alexis,is my fav.just becaues we love the lord does not mean we have to live under a rock.let me know when you all walk on water.i know she is a good person.she has alot of fans that believe like her.just because you are strong with your beliefs.people it does not mean you can not get a nose job.have a drink.she is pretty and thin.women get so upset about things like that.that is so dum.i am in my 40 and have been married 30 years.we believe alot like her and jim.let people be who they are.christians gays whatever.we are not all the same.thats ok.tho shall not judge.remember you can not take back hate ful words.thanks bev!


She is so very self-centered and confused. She can't do anything without asking Jim. She is afraid to be her own person. If Christ is the center of your life than live it don't just pretend. Be a good friend and be kind to others. Do not spend your life trying to one up everyone. Realize that your opinion is not the only one. Also, what is with your husband wanting your pictures to look like you are a hooker...disgusting!!


She is pimped out and bossed around by her husband...I give it at about 10 years. I don't think she is a Christian but a fake. She gives me a good laugh tho so what the hell. One of these days the walls will come tumbling down and we can sit back and watch as she can't be put back together again and goes off with her fake boobs and body and hooks up with another sucker. She will of course lose the kids but won't care but they will be a liability rather than an asset.


Yeah, NOT over it. 900 calories a day is very very low - and obviously you have to count to stay at that.


Jim get ur wife off that trailer trash show and tell her to stay home with the kids and make a nice gravy or get out!! You need that torture? You can get a million chicks, a new one everyday. Like jesus.


oooh waaaaah waaaaah shes a crybaby attention whore. From watching the show she cares more about money & appearances than anything. She started crying at a dinner party cuz her husband didnt want to go with her such a whiny bitch.


LoLo, I dont watch her or her show and from what you posted about her it seems as if she has many issues. To me it sounds like she battles between vanity and being a good person and it looks like the vanity gets the best of her. In regard to her being a role model though, I agree with you but IS she supposed to be a role model? If anything she is a good model for what type of person not to become. I think she is basically admitting to her issues and her problem. I have to agree with her, once you have an eating disorder, it never completely leaves you. You can get back to eating right again but the feelings and emotions you feel after eating stick with you always. I have been there, it is a confusing disease.


900 calories a day - it seems to me that she is STILL counting calories and STILL fully engaged in her eating disorder practices. I admire her for coming forward and wanting to spread the message that there is hope, however, I think it is irresponsible for her to claim she is better. She is clearly still struggling. (NOTE: You don't have to be hospitalized at 80lbs to be sick). Before anyone jumps on me for judging her - I am bulimic and anorexic as well - I know how difficult it is.


she is not a good role model for women. She cheated on her 1st husband with a married father of 3. Then went the plastic surgery route several times (boobs multiple times, nose, chin, etc). She married a man that treats her like he is her pimp & bossed her around. She hides behind Jesus & when she does something wrong says she is a good Christian who makes mistakes. Only eating 900 calories a day is not a good message to send to anyone.