Wild Pitcher: Derek Lowe Arrested For DUI

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Quite the week for the Atlanta Braves.

First, pitching coach Roger McDowell's gay slurs came under heavy scrutiny from the league. Now pitcher Derek Lowe has been arrested for a DUI.

At least Chipper Jones (.289, 21 RBIs) hasn't been hurt yet this year.

Lowe got popped last night in Atlanta after a trooper stopped him  “detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage” and gave him a field sobriety test.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Lowe's BAC wasn't higher than his WHIP (1.34) but it may have been close.

Lowe refused to take the state administered alcohol test and was booked and taken to the jail in Atlanta. He was released this morning on $2,944 bail.

A police spokesman revealed that Lowe was also charged with reckless driving and failure to maintain in his lane, which is why he was pulled over.

And with that, your latest member of THG's celebrity mug shots gallery, everyone!

Lowe is 2-3 with a 3.21 ERA in 2011. He is still scheduled to start this Sunday.


A potpourri of resnspoes to everything above We are doing the best we can with what we have. Other than the NL game that didn't come in last night until late (but will be in Friday's paper), we have had everything that coaches have called in, in our local briefs package. JWade, we don't put everything on the net (including round-ups) for a simple reason we want people to buy the paper! News doesn't put everything on the site and neither do/will we. Coaches have to call in their results or they won't make the paper. Luckily, we have some good coaches who DO call in their results, but there are others who don't. I feel like I've explained this 100 times, but I'll do it again: we have a three-man full-time sports department myself, David Hall and Richard Clark. I am also responsible for a weekly publication called the Jones Post, in addition to my Free Press duties. I work approximately 65-70 hours a week in both of those responsibilities (including updating this blog) but am only paid for 40. David Hall covers the Kinston Indians and East Carolina University sports, which our studies show folks want to see more of than high school sports (I know, I can't believe it either). That pretty much fills up his schedule except for the rare prep game he'll cover for us.Richard Clark is primarily an excellent page design/layout guy for us and doesn't write, other than a column here and there.We have Keith Spence as a free-lancer (or stringer) who really gives us a hand and who does it basically for the love of the game. Justin Hill (when he's in town from UNC) is an excellent writer who helps us out. And a few weeks ago, we added Dusty Davis to our staff on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to take call-ins. We do the best we can do with what we have. I can assure you that we all work hard and probably like you do not get anywhere near the compensation we deserve for the hours we put in. But we work as hard as we can.As for the red jacket comments (Daring Venture), dude your jacket is on WAY too tight. It's called being lighthearted and not taking everything so seriously. I think Sidney Lowe Sr. is doing a fine job at N.C. State and no, he's not responsible for what his son does. But thanks for your prayers, dude I need them.Did I think Virginia deserved a No. 4 seed? Heck no! My money was on a 6 to 7 seed, especially with their weak (No. 35) RPI. But to say UVa was awful (co-ACC champs, baby!) is as ill-informed as saying Tyler Hansbrough is the most overrated player in America. Oops.AGAIN we are doing the best job we can do. DHall is in spring training, I am putting together the All-Free Press basketball team and Kinston/Lenoir County Sports Hall of Fame coverage and we're trying to get everything in the paper that we can. That's all we can do. Thanks for being such passionate fans of the local scene.Hanks

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