Five-Year-Old Puts Career Before Marriage

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This girl is serious about her independence and career.

Seriously, do not even think of putting a ring on the cutie and expecting her to be some subservient trophy wife. This is the 21st Century, people.

In a video rant that could only be improved if "Independent Woman" by Destiny's Child were playing in the background, she steadfastly vows that she'll get a good job before she even thinks about marriage. Got that, fellas?

Did we mention she's five? Watch in aww/awe:


This is amazing like the previous one..
Thank you for this article..


She wants a job so she can be something special. That's wonderful! What's wrong with you negative nancys? The message is clear. She wants to be independent, happy, and then find someone who respects that. By the way, she's a child people! These values will carry over to her adult years. She's miles ahead of most the reality show losers with little dignity.


I wonder why she doesn't consider LOVE something special, too. Whomever is teaching her that her value is measured by a paycheck should be ashamed. If my husband had told me he wouldn't marry me until he had a job, he wouldn't have been able to have a family OR finance his medical school. Hmmm.


I am 27 and have been with my high school sweetheart for 9 years. Marriage and family talk is totally off the table for discussion until both of us have finished graduate school. I just started a phd program, so another 7 years of bf/gf status. I want to be able to support myself before I settle down. I want HIM to be able to support himself as well. We take care of eachother emotionally, love eachother unconditionally, but marriage is a financial contract and inorder for it to work, we each need to bring something to the table. This little girl may not know what she is saying, but she is being taught to value herself and her talents above all else, and that is great parenting of a young female. This is great.


she either has a scorned/bitter mother or a really strict dad. Cause why is she speaking like that?! This is NOT cute. Suri Cruise gets on my nerves too. Reading Vouge, buying people Starbucks? I mean really these are children/babies! Eeewww


My answer to this... wait until you fall in love darling..


um... umm.... ummmm.. cute?? silly??? future disney whore??
i am sorry but why is a 5 year old talking about marriage and careers instead of watching cartoons and not having fun with play-doh?? is that her momma behind the lens? (another kris jenner)

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