Cosmo Stands By Lea Michele, Cover Shot

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In the face of parental criticism, Cosmopolitan is standing behind Lea Michele and its latest cover shot.

A few days after the Glee star posed in a low cut dress for the publication, Fox News spoke to a handful of mothers who (somehow) criticized the magazine and the actress for showing poor taste.

Now, editors have released a simple statement that reads: We're thrilled to feature Lea Michele on the March cover of Cosmopolitan magazine and think she looks stunning. Michele is a grown woman and Cosmopolitan is a magazine for adults.

Lea Michele Magazine Pic

That does pretty much sum it up. Michele is 24 years old, after all. Perhaps parents can use this as an opportunity to explain the differences between fictional characters and real life.

Do you think the spread is inappropriate?


You're only this young and beautiful once....I say enjoy it, and get off her tit....literally!


please: if THIS is offensive, get a GRIP. if your kids cant handle THIS, then WHY on earth are they watching GLEE? GLEE is targeted for 16-25 range.
and i am guessing these are the same kids, who ALSO listen to lady gaga and then complain about THIS?? fuck off, and learn to control your child.


good points youve got there!! And theyre SO TRUE!!!


If you're letting your CHILD read Cosmo, then the joke's on you. It's your bad judgement that is hurting your children-not the actress or magazine. You. Glee is a provocative show. It isn't for children or younger teens. It is a show whose audience is for the youger ADULTS to watch-the ones who are already familiar with their sexuality and their judgement for what is right and wrong, good or bad. If your child or even your teenager doesn't understand that, it's YOU who must monitor them and teach them.


Its an adult's magazine. Those mothers should stop judging that girls morals and start monitoring what their children are reading. Focus on whats happening at home instead of passing judgement on someone else's life. She is an adult posing for an adult magazine. This would be different if it were a Nick Jr magazine, Disney magazine, or even the cover of Seventeen, but its not. This is Cosmopolitan!


I'm not a fan of showing that much cleavage, but I'm not going to freak out about it. Lea is a grown woman and has the ability to make her own decisions, so let her do what she wants. If you have a huge problem with it, don't keep that issue around your home. If you don't want your kids to seeit, don't give it to them. Cosmo is not for them anyway.


Lea Michele is a grown woman posing for the cover of a magazine intended for grown women. She is not posing nude, and she isn't even posing in a dress any more risque than one would see on the red carpet for a movie premiere or awards show. No big deal.


This comment is for Kim Trefcer: I have been reading this crap for over 2 days now and can't hold back any longer. The reason your kid looks confused and offended is probably because you, he and the magazine are in the same room together. Your a frickin' idiot. Give the kid a break. Make a run to the store and give him some ALONE time with that magazine. It might even answer everyone's question as to if the kid is gay if the pages are stuck together when you return. (*Kanye Shrug*)


Some of the photos could've been a little more tasteful by my opinion, but otherwise I'm not phased by them, and Lea's not representing her minor character, she's representing her 24-year-old self as a woman who is confident in her body...I mean, when she was 20, she had to do a sex scene and expose her breasts in Spring Awakening, and she did it eight shows a week on Broadway for nearly two years...she can do this photoshoot if she's already been brave enough expose her breasts to half of if anyone says she tries too hard to be sexy, look up Spring Awakening and then you'll see where Lea gets her confidence to be very edgy


@Maria...I can't say much more. You hit the nail on the head.


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