Will Emily Maynard Win The Bachelor?

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We give The Bachelor a hard time for being scripted and full of contrived nonsense on a weekly basis, but last night was legitimately emotional and warm.

All thanks to Emily Maynard.

Just three weeks in, she's already proven one of the sweetest, most likable and most beautiful contestants in Bachelor history. How do you not get behind that?

As our official recap of last night's episode discussed, not even a group of catty chicks can find a reason to hate Emily Maynard. That's saying something!

Her one-on-one date with Brad Womack, which we've posted in its entirety above, started off awkwardly because she was afraid to open up to the guy.

Unlike typical Bachelor baloney, however, she's guarded for good reason. Her story even left a vampire in tears, and Brad was understandably moved.

Will she make it far? The Bachelor spoilers we've compiled so far indicate she's got a good shot. Will she get engaged and become Mrs. Brad Womack?

If not, she'd better be The Bachelorette. Start the campaign now.


She had a job doing some kind of commercial - that is usually a sign that someone likes to be in the limelight or wants to become famous. I think she is a great girl, just because she may want to become famous(could be wrong) doesn't mean I am downgrading her for believing but a part of me thinks maybe she thought she could kill two birds with one stone on the show. Love and Fame...


I really like Emily I hate Chantel but now that Emily lied I really don't now I feel bad 4 brad


The people on here trying to belittle her just can't accept that she is exactly what she appears to be...I guess it makes them feel better about themselves if they can attack someone or bring them "down" to "their" level...She has worked for 5 years and I have lived in either North Carolina or Bristol, TN (a big NASCAR town also) and I haven't heard anything good or bad about this girl...The only thing I remember is the news' stories after he was killed etc...and then about her being pregnant. So if she were working so hard to "break-into" show business I think there would have been something else. Now it could have been people have seen her doing her job fundraising at the hospital she works at in Charlotte. I hope he picks her...she's one of the sweetest girls they have ever had on that show. People need to take more pride in themselves and be the person she is and not just criticize her because it's just plain ole easier to be less of a person.


Via Reality Steve's website, Emily Maynard gets the final rose :)


I like Emily. I think she's very pretty and sweet. I am sorry for the hardships she has had to endure at such a young age. I do not, however, think she is right for Brad. She is way too young for him and I think he would get bored with her.


emily has no college degree, got pregnant when she was 19 and only has the job, house, * money she has because of ricky's family. she may seem like a sweet girl but she went on a television show to expose herself (she has been on tv before). how does the hendrick family feel about having to relive that tragedy over and over every monday night? i guess i just don't see why she would go on tv to find love, (it almost never works out), unless she is just trying to market herself as this sweet innocent single mom from the south. i think it's bullshit...she just wants to be famous like everyone else who goes on TV. They are trying to be the next reality star.... so i am tired of reading how sweet and cute, and innocent this girl is, cause no one that sweet and innocent tries to find love on national tv.


I know people probably think I'm just lying but,I know people like Emily they are sweet, sincere, loving, compassionate and beautiful. Don't get me wrong, she is. People like her won't leave their own house without makeup! They feel the need to have plastic surgery to make them feel better about themselves. God bless you EMily Maynard. I hope God gives you the strength to find true love.


YES!!!!!! EMILY is a great catch!! This past episode Brad came to visit Emily's home town which I live in as well!! I know her story. We all know he has true feelings for her, a lot. Might be the next bachelorette. When he came to her home, she wanted to kiss him. He said that he didn't feel right about it because her daughter could walk downstairs. NExt episode, he gives her key to the suite for the night, which she declines saying that her daughter disapproves??! WTF? Now, what is wrong with that picture? She only wants her own show.


I think Emily is just using Brad for the"Fame" She wants her own show!!!!! Using her own daughter is disgusting!!! People you will see!!


i love emily.. all the other girls suck. she better win

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