A Case of Bad Parenting

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Kourtney Kardashian has appeared on a number of ridiculous tabloid covers. Incredibly, though, Parenting has managed to top them all.

On its official website, this magazine claims to offer "mom tips you can't live without," only to them cover its latest issue with... Kourtney Kardashian.

Parenting Shot
Famous Mother/Son

Offering up such nuggets as "I have no desire to go out," except when I get paid for letting the paparazzi follow me and when I'll soon appear on a reality show that chronicles my life, yet doesn't even show my son, Kourtney opens up to the publication about life as a parent.

In response, allow THG to equally open: if you need parenting tips from Kourtney Kardashian, you might want to rethink motherhood.


i dont know what you guys see in her, she is never with her son, im a mother to a 3 month old baby girl and let me tell you "i never have any time for anything", not to go out do my makeup even to put on something nice for husband. I do what mothers should do and thats spend time with my baby DAY AND NIGHT, okay i understand daycare in the morning so i can go to work but thats it, in the show I have never seen her sleep with her son nore does he appear for more than 5 mintutes with her


This must be a freakn joke!!


I have no idea what kind of mother she is nor do I care. But I would never take advice from someone who puts on makeup before going to give birth, is stupid enough to keep going back to that nasty Scott guy and needed someone to tell her that she won't be boinking her baby in the head if she had sex while preggers. Besides that, she (well the whole family really) strikes me as way more concerned with how they appear to the world than they are with how their lives really are.


I would like daily emails from your website please.


this is a joke right............


I don't think she is a bad mother, but if i want parenting advice I will ask my sister...not a celebrity! Also I loved the writing on this post, very funny :)


i think kourt.is a wonderful mother her motherhood tips are wonderful i hope u all use her tips there really going to help u! :)


*sigh* Ignoring the Kardashian Kabal (highly recommended btw :-), my main concern here is the "mom tips you can't live without," framing. What about the fathers?!! How about "parenting tips you can't live without?" Otherwise, just change the name of the magazine from "Parenting" to "Mommying". Sheesh!


Yea....i think i am rethinking motherhood now:)o_0


I have nothing against her, she's a product of her environment and of her OWN parents. It's the media putting these people up on some kind of pedestal and then constantly shoving them down our throats. It's almost like we are forced to like them. All it comes down to is that it is making someone very rich. It's like that now with reality shows, etc. Who are these people and why should we care? It's entertainment at the expense of actual people's lives while these show creators are lining their pockets.


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