Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Video: Watch/Cry Now!

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"Do you want it harder, spanky?!" - Nadya Suleman

If you were ever sitting there thinking how cool it would be to see America's favorite mother of 14 whipping a grown-ass man dressed as a baby, you're in luck.

The photos released yesterday from the Octomom fetish video were no joke, but something about live action takes the disturbing awesomeness to a new level.

You may not sleep for days, but that's neither here nor there. This is what happens when you have 14 kids and no job, people. You get that hard up for cash.

Watch an Octomom fetish video excerpt here if you like:


octomom is a stupid mom-already had enough children that she could not afford and no husband-someone elses husband. if it were me, i would divorce him-making babes with another woman and married to me. She needs to get a life and finance her own self and children.
also, better get her tubes tied also-no more children. that's for sure. find a profession or some work at home like her making purses and clothes idea. finance herself and kids. wake up octomom.


how is what she did any dif then the people on welfare realy i know a lady in my town whose never had a job and has 8 kids been on welfare the whole time and theres plenty more people who are just like that they have kids just to live on welfare so why are you all on this ladys back why dont you guys get a life and let her be


Yes we have all made mistakes and aren't perfect, but this woman intentionally had all these kids without a father, husband, support system, etc.... So we should just excuse her and her ignorant behavior. I'm sure she is on some sort of welfare and I'm sure she has free health care for her and her brood!! Those poor children!!!! I only feel bad for these innocent children!!


Are you people serious? What the heck is the difference between what she's doing and what "famous" stars do? Do they not "act" in movies with graphic sex, stripping, nudity, drugs, murders, slaughtering people, child molestation, child abuse, insane behavior, insane appearances, etc, etc ? I guess because the "stars" that "act" in these movies are, "famous", and liked for being an actor, it's ok. Do they not have children at home? She's doing what "actors" have been doing forever. She's just not liked because she had all those children. Well tough s..t, she has to make a living to support them. So keep on "acting" Nadya, more power to you. The children are here and their mother has to support them. Amazing how it's ok for "stars" to act out outrageous parts, ISN'T IT?


omg,god, why??? this can't be real. WHY???


I think the video is hot! I just wish she would do more stuff. Those lips are gorgeous.


She just completely embarassed herself. Just last week, she [in my opinion] made a fool of herself on Oprah.. and no this? Shameless or what? lmao. rediculous.


Octomom is out of control, I know she is desperate for money to support all her kids. But to bring that man into your home, let him play on/with the stuff your babies touch? Are you kidding me? That's gross,unsanitary...sick...totally sick! She should have filmed that somewhere else,then he got into her bed!! She is a sick bitch..I've never thought she was all there,this just confirmed it!!!

Heather artunian bearden

Saw this on Good Day LA, it cracked me up.


I have no intention of actually watching this video. I just want to know if I should throw up now, or later??


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