Octomom Fetish Video Stills: Whip it So Hard!

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Yesterday, we reported the practically unbelievably rumor that Nadya Suleman filmed a fetish video with a grown man dressed in a baby's diaper.

Today, we have the images confirming Octomom is indeed whipping (and feeding) a grown-ass man dressed up as a baby in one WEIRD ASS shoot.

Stuffed in a skin-tight corset, Octomom can be seen going to town on a guy named Tattoo, an L.A. radio personality featured on Rick (dot) com.

That's one way to pay your California mortgage loan ...

She Was Into Whips and Things
Bottle Feeding

Special thanks, TMZ, for bringing these photos into our lives. You will be getting a bill from our staff psychologist within 30 days, BTW. [Scary Photos: TMZ]

NOTE: This was, in fact, shot at Octomom's "crib."


Too bad he wasn't either huh Sara?? And it would help if it wasn't her too!


that would have been hot if the guy wasnt so fat and ugly


What a fun Halloween photo. I'm glad Octomom doesn't feel the need to live up to some unrealistic image of a Caucasian middle American, Christian values "virginal" mom. It's unfortunate that she feels forced to constantly apologize (for having octuplets) to an anti middle eastern, hatemonger American public. I hope that one day she can say, "I'm glad that I had healthy octuplets because I wanted these children." "I'm a strong tough mixed race person and the ONLY woman that was able to produce a healthy set of octuplets and I am proud of that." And then, if I was her I would show everyone my beaver with a tatoo that says, "I'm glad that you all suck and I don't".


LOL yes you are right BONER!!


@RJB & Monkey: C'mon guys... we all know why the Vivid deal hasn't happened yet. They can't find a dude willing to strap a 2X4 across his ass.


LOL RJB!!! She's just waiting for the right time to cash in on Vivid deal. She will do it no doubt!!


Looks like Octomom is in with a real classy organization. The "baby" has a pot leaf tattoo and a tattoo on his forehead. And she turned Vivid down why?


i am fucking scarred for life..... WTF thehollywoodgossip!! no warning??? that is fucking fucking fucking nasty!!


Ewww now there's an imagine I can't get out of my head!!


she is a human trash bag! She is doing this to support her kids??? Maybe she should of thought about that before choosing to get inseminated again. Did she think they came with free food & clothes? Those poor kids, every time I see them they look dirty. What will she do when the money from this run's out?

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