Melissa Etheridge: Dating Linda Wallem, Ex-Wife's BFF, Tabloid Reports

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The split between Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels just got a lot messier.

While the two continue to argue over financial issues, the singer's personal life has now come into focus - and it's a hurtful image for Michaels.

The National Enquirer reports that Etheridge is dating Linda Wallem, a producer on Nurse Jackie and someone who was in Tammy Lynn's wedding party when she married Melissa.

"Linda has been talking constantly on the set about how she and Melissa are in love and how they're in a committed relationship," a source tells the tabloid.

Etheridge and Michaels got married in 2003 and Wallem was right there with them, this friend says, adding:

"In lesbian terms, Linda was the 'best lady.' Now she's taken Tammy's place."

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I am pleased that I detected this weblog , exactly the right information that I was searching for!


I agree with you all. Missy cleanup your act!


Boo Hoo for Tammy ... way to go Melissa!!!!


I've long anticipated the 'truth' coming out, with regard to Missy's break-up with Julie. Vast crowds
felt it to be Julie's doing, nay, Missy had a LONG relationship with a (non-celebrity), for many years.
Her pattern of self love continues. Take heart Tammy, no real loss! Pam


hell she did the same thing to her first one that she did to tammy she will do it to her next one too. i use to listen to melissa's music all the time but i now know she is nothing but an abuser of relationships she lets these women get pregnant then she dumps them she doesn't know the first thing about love or being in love. hell i use to think she was pretty but now she is ugly inside and out.


Melissa lacks any integrity at all and my heart goes out to Tammy. Nice way to treat your wife and the mother of your children; she has no class what so ever!


Linda and Tammy hated each other...


Melissa is a PIG. Speak True my arse. All she is is Tiger Woods, Jesse James and John Edwards with a vagina. PIG.


Melissa don't ever write another song about love or committment, its clear you know nothing about it. You give mature, adult lesbians a bad name. Linda, your best friends wife? should know that "dishonesty" has no place in a program. Your actions are self-serving and without boundries and respect for love or committment. Don't worry tho, we can all see Melissa only 'loves' till its convenient for her to find a new muse, wake up darlin' your a rebound.


Ooooh! Lesbian Catfight-SWEET! I'll get the bucket of ice water and white tshirts!!!!