Kardashian Konfidential Sits on NY Times Best Sellers List, Apocalypse Approaches

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We give up.

We've tried to point out the obvious flaws in Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian (namely: an utter lack of talent), we've cited the latter's publicity-based relationships, we've questioned why the topic of spreading mayonnaise on one's vagina makes for talk show foder.

But none of it matters. For reasons that defy comprehension, Kardashian Konfidential - the memoir that delivers such fascinating tidbits as Kourtney uses pink dish gloves - currently sits at number-four on New York Times Best Sellers List. To anyone who purchased it, we have a simple question:


Kardashian Konfidential Signing

These mindless twits are exploiting every venue, product and media outlet they can. They're successful because the "sheeple" of this world keep propping them up with their hard-earned money (or their parents'). Bad reviews, blog-bashing and common sense critiques will not end their greedy pursuit of more fame and more money -- it's up to you and me to end their "careers" and relegate them to obscurity by NOT supporting them in any way! This is my last comment on the Kardashians! Bring back intelligence and class!


The K's are a fad.
Remember: Slinky,YO-YO- Pet Rock and the Hoola Hoop??
They are famous, because most famous families "earn" their money, and keep out of the spotlight.
The Kardashians love the cameras,and the attention, and will do anything and say anything to stay in the public eye.
There is absolutely no shame in their "fame game".



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