Kardashian Konfidential Konfessions: Khloe's Virginity, Kim's Krush and More!

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Kritics of Kardashian Konfidential have understandably wondered:

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    i LOVE the kardashian but i dnt think its kool to loose urself at 14 Khloe (ur my fave btw) and anyway ithink kim wanted her sex tape to come out and she wanted to do all those naked shoots- she's acting like she dnt on camera so ppl can think maybe shes not a sket even thought she kind-of is. love you guys doe


    realy i like kim kardasian i want friendsip with kim. I m indian.


    You sluts should get a life and stop judging you modest wanna be bitches so what if khloe broke her virginty at 14 kimmy made a sex tape with a Black guy (what wrong wif that) and kourt has a baby and is not married So?? Leave Kris alone you are jealous and pathetic


    @Lidia: While I agree that 14 is a little too young to be having sex (espescially if that 14 year old is having sex with AN OLDER MAN OR WOMAN! YUCK!) Here's what I have a problem with in your comment:

    1.) You complained about Kim Kardashian making a sex tape with a black guy. Why does it matter what race the guy was? Also, you can't blame Kim's mom for her bad decision because Kim WAS A GROWN WOMAN IN HER 20'S AT THE TIME WHEN SHE MADE THAT TAPE. That's not her mother's responsibility.

    2.) You complained about kourtney having a baby and being unmaried. The belief that if a person is unmarried they have no right to have sex is a religious idea. Khloe is in her late 20's right now. She has the right to make her own choices about her love life, her sex life, and the decision to get married. People should not be forced to live their lives by the standards of judeo-christianity or any other religios belief system.


    Kris Jenner is a lousy mother she was probably too busy trying to live vicariously through Kim to notice what Khloe was doing. She is the biggest whore out of all of them what kind of woman make a living off of piming her daughters to make money for herself she probalbly filmed KIms sex tape herself. BTW Kris we know Khloes dad is not Robert Kardashian (rip) stop lying to ur manchild!!


    Where was Chris ...when Khloe was having sex at 14 years old????
    Chris is a lousy mother....
    This family is a disgrace for television....
    Kim made a dirty tape with a black guy...
    Kourtney is not married......she has a baby
    Rob is messed up....I hope that Bruce 's girls are becoming good decent girls ....not like the other members of the family.


    Yea hustling is right! They hustle their bodies, their lives and their privacy for what!!?? Fame notoriety, and monopolized their names.
    BTW-nice photo-shop, they needed it!!


    I gotta give it to these girls. They are HUSTLERS!!! ( not the classiest) but They are getting thousands of people to pay to read about what might happen to your next door neighbor. Haha!! Honestly why people pay to get that info is beyond me. I just saw a pix of a (maybe 4-5) yr old girl holding on to the book and making the same "ssshh" pose the k's have! Under the pix posted "she's quick on her way to becoming a Kardashian" MY GOODNESS!!! what parenting...


    PUKE... yep!!! Just about says it all. The word itself even has one of those friggin K's


    I like them, I can't lie...but good lord they are vapid. I can't watch their show for the life of me...it angers me to see the splendor they live in while I actually make a difference in society and barely get by.

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