Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Bested by Twilight Saga!

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows brought in $24 million across the nation last night, as fans lined up for midnight showings of this blockbuster.

While impressive, though, that tally falls short of two Twilight Saga installments.

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The record-holder for midnight showing haul is Eclipse, which earned $30 million during the first two hours of its release. That figure topped the previous best: New Moon's $26.3 million.

In 2009, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince brought in $22 million during this time slot, proving once and for all: no magic is a match for chiseled abs and brooding paleness!

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you stupid twilight fans think this "proves" that twilight is better than harry potter, but you are all deluded. The reason HP has less for midnight viewings is just because HP is a family film with millions of young viewers and parents who won't let their kids go out so late. Twilight has the crazy giggling girls who all they care about is whether edward or jacob is better looking (neither of them are that great). HP over twilight All the Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah so what! Harry potter is WAY better than twilight! Vampires, bella, edward, jacob... Who gives a crap! Harry potter is about courage, friendship, loyalty and many lessons in life. Harry potter has better actors also. Better movies. Better books. Better everything! Twilights got NOTHING against harry potter!


So who cares if twilight is all about sex...wtf!!! Nowadays even 3rd graders know about sex so im pretty sure they will want to see twilight instead of of finding your true self nobody cares about that...besides I'M TWILIGHT ALL THE WAY!!!!


This is way cool !!!!! Yes our Vampires win over those stupid wizards .It just goes to show twilight movies ARE way better than Harry pot head .


This just proves that your opinion is not the same as everybody else!


I'm a huge Twilight fan... but this shocks me. I'm also a huge HP fan, and it's odd to me that Twilight would beat it. :/


that is disgusting that something as horibble as twilight could do better than somthing as amazing as harry potter


Sorry folks, but HP fails to set a record against Twilight saga: New Moon's opening weekend of 172 million.


I think Harry Potter is much better than Twilight.


Stephanie Meyer, The twilight saga New Moon, and Catherine Hardwicke are all present in the Guiness Book of Records. I think Twilight will be remembered in centuries and beyond:))))

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