David Arquette: One Wild and Craaaazy Guy!

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David Arquette has not lost it, people.

The actor may have been out partying all of last weekend and may have placed some misguided phone calls to Howard Stern, but the recently-separated actor explained why during an appearance on Lopez Tonight yesterday: that's just who he is.

"I've always been a wild man," he told the host. "My nickname was 'David Good Times.' I like running around, having fun... I like meeting people. I did that privately for a long time because I wasn't ever going out. Now, I'm in the nightclub business. I'm going out."

The modest actor also said he didn't care at all about what tabloids wrote.

"I am a fun-loving, great person," Arquette said. "I refuse to let these magazines vilify me, make me a demon. I am one of the best people you'll ever meet."


Really nice topic for me.


This dude makes wanna puke. He just looks like a tool "partying" at his age. I am younger than him and think he looks like a jackass when he's out.
I hope Courtney dumps him soon. She's WAY WAY WAY too good for this retard!!


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