Octomom Foreclosure Watch: Can She Raise Ca$h?

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The Octomom Foreclosure Countdown is going down to the wire.

Only four days remain until Nadya Suleman has to cough up serious dough or hit the bricks, but word has it she may have an ace in the hole ... worth $462,500.

The dude who owns the note to Octomom's home, Amer Haddadin, is giving her 'til October 9 for the $450,000 balloon payment plus $7,500 in missed payments.

Goin' Broke

EVERYTHING MUST GO: Octomom Nadya Suleman is fairly desperate, but she's been in this boat before. Can she save her home? [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Amer says he was contacted by Nads' lawyers last week, under the pretense that there's a realistic chance Octofreak will actually muster the cash to pay off the home.

She's been working her ass off lately in a desperate attempt to raise money, with a garage sale and a guest bartending gig ... but $462,500 is a big chunk o' change.

All that we can think of is that she's had a change of heart regarding her steadfast refusal to get naked to pay bills. Could be worth her while after all ... stay tuned.


"working her ass off"?? parking it on a dirty couch while her older children watch sadly out of a window at their toys beig sold? or slopping drinks for 30 minutes for a few curiousity seekers? the only reason she'd work her ass off would be to fit in smaller true religion jeans


No need to donate money to Nadya. Everything OK fine. She do just fine and work hard to save her babies. Nadya have lots of money. Proof she has money because she went to Disneyland on Friday. Proof she has money because she got more silicone into her funny looking lips. She looks like an arse with her fat lips but I don't judge her. Nadya has told me that she has ok financials and doesn't care about money. You suckers don't have to finance her anymore.


Aside from the fact that someone who hasn't worked in 11 years (and doesn't have a trust fund) has no business buying a $650k house in the first place, how many people who are really "destitute" have a corporation to shield their assets and attorney to manage it? It makes you wonder about the truth of the need she claims in these beg-fests, doesn't it?


She has the cash for the house..she made plenty of money to be able to pay it she just doesn't want to, she wants somebody else to pay it for her. This woman is a scammer, she is trying to get more donations for her corporation. How many poor people have a lawyer and press agent?


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