Octomom: Delusional, Optimistic About Finances

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Nadya Suleman is on the verge of losing her home.

She may even be going on welfare before too long.

But you can't keep a good, unemployed mother of 14 down. Her attorney says she's optimistic she'll will find a way out of her current financial mess.

Octomom Low Cut

Octomom and some dude who loves that red top dine out at Katsuya. Good use of money right there. Housing? Who needs it. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

"She's struggling," Jeff Czech says. "Recently, things began to get dire. But several times in the past, just when things got bad, the money comes in."

While she says she's optimistic things will work out, and refuses to go nude in order to feed her family (the woman has pride), this is a BAD situation.

Nadya Suleman already missed her California home mortgage loan payment and reportedly owes the lender and ex-owner, Amir Haddidan, thousands.

Many, many thousands.

On October 9 she's expected to make a balloon payment of $450,000 for the La Habra, Calif., property she purchased in 2009. That's a lot of money.

Last week, Haddidan says he finished the paperwork to evict the mother of 14 outta the house. "I'm sick of it," he told People. "I want my house back."

Czech says Suleman has two pending projects and a possible production deal that could help her cover the $10,000 in monthly expenses she incurs.

The last thing his client wants to do is go on welfare.

In recent months, a reluctant Suleman has come to realize that her best chance of generating income is to allow camera crews back into her house.

"She loathes the limelight, the interviewers and the photographers, but she ends up having to do it because that's what makes money," says Czech.

Still, she has limitations.

Earlier this month, a company offered $500,000 for a one-hour porn shoot. "She's not taking that offer seriously," says Czech. "She thinks it's sick."


Is she a transsexual? She has more man features than a woman. What a loser!


Check out the man's shirt! Absolutely disgusting yet a little less than everything Octomom has accomplished in her life...


No family should be homeless or hungry. This *mother was totally
irresponsible knowing that she already had small 6 children
without the benefit of security for them. To add 8 more, without
the benefit of a father figure for these 14 children should have been considered a crime. In previous multiple birth families, well concerned citizens have offered financial health which added some stability, and security to the families. In this particular case, it was hard to reach out and want to help a woman who's deliberately over-extended her family knowing **damn well that she could not properly afford to care for them. If her financial x-ray doesn't change,she will end up being *that classic story of the old lady who lived in a shoe.


Correction to my previous comment: I meant to reference the picture above with her in the red dress. That person with her is her attorney leaving a sushi bar. When someone asked him what he had to eat, he said "Octopussy".


"Her two girls in her red dress look huge." Quote by artist. Enjoy. Drool over them for all I care. YOUR tax dollars helped pay for her and her older kids living expenses while SHE had (her original) plastic surgery and IVF treatments. ****Where DID she get the money for IVF and plastic surgery???? Nads denies plastic surgery....however those "big girls" were a lot smaller and her face was different when she started having kids. (In photos of her when younger.)


This was the night her lawyer, Jeffro Bad Czech took her out for sushi, when asked what he had to eat, he said octopussy. Real class act that guy. Just her style.


She can get a job easy. Do you really think she is home taking care of these kids??? She had babysitters that do it all, clean the house mind the children. She is out doing the fun stuff and taking care of her nails and hair and working out so she will be ready for her close-up and her reality show that she swears she doesn't want.ha! How come she was using her kids as props at the yard sale then..charging for photos??? Maybe she would've made more money if she stayed out of the pictures and let the kids earn the money by themselves. But wait its never been about the kids it's always been about Nadya, Natalie or whatever her name is today!


What kind of job do you people suggest she get? How can she pay a babysitter for 14 kids. Yes, she shouldn't have had more. How mant times does she have to say she never thought she would have that 8 babies at one time. Yes, she shouldn't have done it. She did! Let the entertainment field pay her to do some crazy stuff. Look at Kate Goslin and other families that make money selling their life stories. Short people, fat people, the Kardasions, the freaky musicians that have reality shows, and reality tv. My lands peoples taste in entertainment is not that great anyway. What would make a difference if we saw those babies growing up on tv, there are so many other ones. It's because Nadya is such a ditz. She doesn't know how to fake it like some of these other people. She's just herself. Kate tries to fake being nice. We all know she is anything but nice, but people are watching her. Nadya deserves a piece of the perverted pie of entertainment too.


"...But several times in the past, just when things got bad, the money comes in." That statement right there explains all the entitlement and lack of responsibility this woman feels. Every time she needs to face the consequences of her decisions, some fool comes up with the money to help her out. She will never grow up and take responsibility until she is forced to take care of herself. This woman has 14 kids, just imagine if all of them have this attitude and sense of entitlement. When they become adults, will they also have people willing to bail them out financially?


Her two girls in her red dress look huge.


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