Lady Gaga, Machine Gun Bra Cover Rolling Stone

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The machine gun bra is not exactly a look one sees every day. Then again, the woman donning the heavy artillery underwear is not your everyday girl next door.

This is probably the only way to outdo last year's Lady Gaga nude Rolling Stone cover - Gaga nude except for semi-automatic weapons protruding from her chest.

Those are some serious guns ...

Lady Gaga Rolling Stone Cover

STRAPPED: Lady Gaga heats up Rolling Stone in more ways than one.

The magazine may have jumped the shark years ago, but it's sure to get people talking with this issue. Although we personally prefer her spilling out of a Yankees jersey.

Where does this latest attempt to shock and awe us rank with Gaga's best?

Should she tone it down, or should she have pushed the envelope further? Would you have liked to see her totally nude, with bigger guns, or covered up for a change?


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I like to see her with a big survival knife in black latex


Id like to se lady gaga strapping a male to a guiliotine keeping the blade on his neck not killing him but the blade touching his neck while she rides him to orgasm or is that too perverted it would give people a lot to talk about in these fredom of expression times i believe even maddonna would be touched by susch an immage


But my father can beat up your father becource he is dead and he gives me streanght you say get a life and you wouldnt trade neither would gaga you know why ?she is her own master she dont show her body to peopel wanting to manipulate her i bet you sell your body to who ever gives you monney and status even though they are curropt and unfair so how about you get a life you are jalloux so get a life


£:O ¥€ ¥:Ou lady gaga kick as


Did lady gaga have 9000 orgasms or only 6000


Lady gaga ask you one quastian did she fire 1000 shots or only 500 maybe she fired 5000


I want to stick my tongue in her asshole.


For one, she's not an attention whore, she's a celebrity.
Two, she's created an image that creates a rise (in more ways than one)
Three, "people gonna hate" - no matter what this woman does, whether she applies more clothing or make-up, there is always going to be critics.
And finally, do you think she cares? I mean she's having the time of her life right now. I am also a 24 year old woman and I just graduated University and guaranteed, in 10-15 years, she's still going to be making way more money than me! So all the power to her! If I had the talent, I'd be doing it to.
In today's world, do you honestly think dressing in a turtle neck and jeans is going to get you noticed? Dream on.


She may be eccentric and you may not like her clothes (or lack there of) but seriously anyone who says she doesn't have any talent is either jealous, tone deaf or blind as even just seeing her videos on mute is enough to see the amazing talent there. Lets keep to whats real!


Dream on VIVA!!! I am NOT jealous of LADY GAGA I love my life and would never trade for hers, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! MAYBE YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE...just saying