Jeremy London Kidnapped, Forced to Do Drugs

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According to shocking reports, Jeremy London of Party of Five fame was forced to a harrowing party of three - at gunpoint - last week by a pair of kidnappers.

The actor was terrorized for nearly five hours by his attackers, telling police that he was forced to "smoke dope then purchase booze" during the awful night

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A Palm Springs, Calif., P.D. officer told celebrity gossip website Radar Online that London was snared by the dope fiends while changing a flat tire June 10.

The armed duo then threatened to shoot [Jeremy London], and then forced him to smoke either crack cocaine or amphetamines, the officer said.

Somehow, he was able to get away.

The actor is now safe and sound.

"He spent hours thinking he was going to die and he did what he had to do not to end up shot or dead," a source close to the actor also reported.

The actor says he managed to escape early the next morning, and the assailants were arrested in Palm Springs where London's car was found.

London was busted back in 2004 for alleged drug possession and admitted he went into rehab last year for an addiction to prescription pills.

"There were times I didn't care if I died," he told People, adding that he was ingesting up to 16 pills a day. "I felt like I was losing everything."

London has one son, Lyrik, 3, and is in the midst of a divorce with actress Melissa Cunningham. We're just happy to hear he survived this ordeal.


Man London has all the luck!


whynot me? My sentiments exactly!


I never seem to get kidnapped by people like that, dammit!


That jerk told me he didn't have any left!


what the hell? Why doesn't anybody force me to smoke crack? Damn it!


Top Trends : In a horrible five-hour ordeal, the actor Jeremy London was robbed and abducted, held at gunpoint and forced to smoke drugs by a man in Palm Springs, California, on June 10.


Does he think we are all on DOPE!!!???


I don't believe his story! Addicts are very cunning when it comes to making up stories. He probably needs an alibi for not passing some type of upcoming drug test or parole violation.




Hmmmmmm........"former" drug addict kidnapped and forced to do drugs "all night long".............I wonder if his ex-wife has heard that one before?

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