Did Mel Gibson Bust Oksana Grigorieva's Grill?

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It turns out Mel Gibson's estranged baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva did indeed go to the dentist following a confrontation with the actor on January 6.

The question: Was Mel responsible for the damage she had repaired, or is Oksana just trying to manipulate circumstantial evidence to slander him?

The O. Grigorieva

As we reported earlier, Mel punched Oksana in the face - she claims - twice during a heated argument, knocking out teeth and giving her a concussion.

TMZ has since learned there are photos of the damage to Oksana's teeth and records showing that she did in fact go to a dentist the very next day.

Why? That's what's being debated.

OKSANA VS. MEL: Who's telling the truth?

Sources close to Oksana are saying that one of her teeth was completely knocked out and another was chipped thanks to Gibson's violent behavior.

Mel's camp counters that he was not responsible for any damage to Oksana's teeth and that they were not actually damaged ... just the veneers. 

One source adds, "Mel has no idea what she did after he left the house." Is it mere coincidence that she required dental work after this altercation?

Oksana says she has recordings of arguments with Mel she secretly taped, and that one of the tapes may incriminate Mel in the January 6 incident. 

Sources connected with Mel beg to differ. Stay tuned.


I know she is a woman, but she seems vain and also a bully. A man should never strike a woman though. NEVER. If he did, he is falling down fast. All these years he thought he made it, and one mistake like this takes it all away. Gibson with all his Church sacreligion, is actually just a faithless man, IMO. He has been a disappointment to his wife and now his girlfriend, not to mention Jewish people who find him reprehensible. He is taking his resentment out on himself and other people close to him and he is losing his sense of reality. It's too bad, I used to think of him as someone with a unique sence or originality. Now he just seems common to me. In most of his movies he is argummentative, high strung, and shows signs he is over critical and a hypochondriac. Art imitating life, and now it's the other way around.


Do you know to whom you are wishing good luck ? Do you know her personnaly ? I do. All Russian people who knows her feel ashamed that she is from our country.I know Oksana personaly. She was living at Mel’shouse and daiting several other man at the same time.Iknow them,they were at my house.. Our media should check out her past. What she was doing in England and how she was cheating on Timothy.She was never opera singer in Russia. I have articles from Russian magazines with all those agly stories about her. It’s easy to make Gibson look horrible.Only few years ago he was an American hero for million of people. Why we are listenning all those storys of this strange women ? May be she look good, but she is agly inside.


She looks more like Octo-Mom then Biff Naked Laura. And yeah whats with the recordings. Most people don't have recorders on hand to tape fights unless they plan on instigating them, and know that a fight is going to take place. This woman is a real piece of work.

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