Tila Tequila Pretends To Be Stalked

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Lying about pregnancy is sooooo last week. The new attention-grabbing fad?

Inventing a stalker! Isn't that right, Tila Tequila?

With buzz dying down over her fake baby, the extraordinarily troubled celebrity has resorted to a new story in order to remain in the news: someone is supposedly stalking her.

Police cars were summoned to Tila's San Fernando Valley house yesterday, as they responded to a distress call from the reality TV star. She claimed there was a man in a car sitting outside her property and that he had been there for two weeks.

Dangerous Kiss

In a stunning turn of events, though, officers searched the scene and found no trace of anyone. But Tila insists she's telling the truth.

"There's been a psycho stalker and he's getting closer to my door and tried to get in," she lied to Radar Online. "He's been sitting in the rain for days trying to say hi to me. He put his eye up to my door and was trying to peek in."

Hmmm... we wonder if he saw her making love to her baby daddy in that case.

Last April, Tequila claimed someone broke into her home and posted messages on her Twitter account. Police were suspicious because the messages were actually coherent and full of truth, but no arrests were made.


what's wrong w her face?
she looks like an alien


Can we say, "meth-induced paranoia"?!!


I love how you refer to her as an "extraordinarily troubled celebrity" That's pretty much the NICEST way to say it. Nicely done, lol.


Ay Caramba!


It would almost be believable, except that she's attention seeking and crazy. Or maybe that if he was really sitting out there for TWO WHOLE WEEKS she would have tweeted about it TWO WEEKS AGO. Or that she could have taken photos or video since he was out there SO MUCH. None of which she did. People should really stop writing about her, I know it's hard to do, but this article is giving her just what she wants.


There's a psycho in that house all right. She can be seen in any mirror.


She should get a life! Instead of wasting the police department or any one else for that matter, put her in the psycho ward. Where she belongs.

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