Tila Tequila Twitter Ticker: Baby Daddy Banging, Pleading

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Tila Tequila hasn't just returned to Twitter, folks.

She's also returned to men!

On the day after she re-opened her social networking account, the mentally unbalanced liar didn't disappoint those that follow her Tweets just to laugh at what nonsense she'll spew next. The latest?

Tequila is sleeping with her baby daddy... who she might be falling for... yet who is "NOT ALLOWED to tell anyone who he is" because he signed a non-disclosure agreement... yet who she previously claimed was The Game and adamently insisted she would out in nine months after he denied the charge.

Major Phony

Makes perfect sense, right? In Tila's attention-hungry world, absolutely. Relive her most entertaining Tweets over the last few hours below:

  • Anyway, even tho I'm already preggers, It's time for more baby making time tonight! Oh boy! I can't wait! Been a while!!!!!!! LMAO! shhh!
  • My baby daddy, is here eating all of Mommy and baby's food!!!! Ol lazy assss! LOL
  • MY BD just left....we have a funny joke. I'm like "JUST CUZ U MY BABBY DADDY DONT MAKE U MY BOO!" lol
  • I think my babby daddy is falling in love with me.....I told him that he bet not do that cuz I dont wana hurt him....
  • But Imma tell u a little secret, I'm falling for my babby daddy too! DUM! DUM! DUM! DUM! And the Saga continues...it aint spose 2 b this way
  • and YES Im still a lesbian but, I give my baby daddy that exception. I want to love the father of my child at least so the baby is loved too
  • Any men out there who would like to be my next baby daddy?? This is quite addicting!

You heard her, guys. Tila is already on the prowl for the next man to knock her up. We'd tell you to make a run for it, but there's no need to worry: she's not actually pregnant.


yallls dont need to be a dickk to her!
she is my hero back the fuckk off and i would not mind bein her baby daddy ;)


Wow. Look what the reality world created...an unstable, sexually confused, attention seeking, bipolar, pathological liar. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that she was taking photos with Casey Johnson and crying on Twitter about her soulmate's death? Wasn't she just fighting with Nikki Hilton over Casey's dog? And now she's pregnant? Hmmmmm...I thought she said she was going to be a baby carrier for a relative? This woman is beyond crazy...to say she's crazy is insulting to crazy people. If the Game really has impregnated her than he should be ashamed of himself. Mentally ill woman do not make great parents. This woman should be committed for the good of herself and for the rest of humanity.


@Kateri - It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Sadly the people on the 'oooh, she's mentally ill because she's a shit person' bandwagon haven't stopped. I thought that perhaps educating people would make a difference but apparently not.


I feel sorry for her. To be so starved for attention, seems to suggest some sort of mental disorder.I hope she can pull herself together one day. It's not that I hate her(I don't even knowher!). I just feel pity for her.Imagine being so needy for attention and being condemned and bashed in every way. It's possble she's just sick and needs some psychologicalcare.


Isn't that the truth? @Cat. It's people like Tila Tequila and other morons in the media that embrace drama and give a negative stigma for people who actually do have a mental illness/es. I have lived my life with bipolar disorder and it disgusts me how people jump on a bandwagon, commit some horrendous crime or do something completely out of line and just blame it on their "bipolar." 15 years earlier the trend was claiming they were schizophrenic to get a lesser insanity plea. A mental illness is NOT the same as being criminally insane, or in Tila's case, an attention starved media whore who cash's on the tragedies and misfortunes of others.


I NEEDED a shot of Tequila after reading this nonsense lol! And TM8..you had me LMAO, with the "Stop trying to be a Celebrity" remark, PRICELESS. Shes like Anna Nicole Smith reincarnated, only fugly!


I'm not saying this as a joke, in all seriousness, something is wrong with her. Oh my goodness. And the way she talks is like how a toddler talks. She must have some kind of love addiction or something. Very very confused and seriously a very delusional person. And she doesn't need "Celebrity Rehab" she needs "Stop trying to be a Celebrity, Rehab."


Delusional, delusional, delusional. Get some help.


Can we please stop describing her as 'mentally ill' and 'crazy schizo bitch' and whatever else? I happen to have many mental illnesses including schizophrenia, and I do not want people thinking that we're like her in any regard. There's a difference between being mentally ill and being just a defective person.


she is clearly mentally ill
i don't really care to read these postings about her either, because it is so clear that this is the case. it disturbs me to look at her even... i think it would be best to not post stories about her, as that seems to be what feeds her mental illness...attention and 'fame'

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