Has Kourtney Kardashian Made a Deal with the Devil?

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When two trusted sources of journalistic integrity - such as Life & Style and In Touch Weekly - publish contrasting stories, it's a bit like watching parents fight.

Whose side do you take? Who in this world can you trust? Where does the truth lie?

Such is our reaction today, as Kourtney tells Life & Style that she loves Scott Disick and really wants "to make it work."

"Everything between us is amazing," she said. "It's definitely been hard. But I just reached a point where I needed everyone to get over it. This is the father of my baby.

HOWEVER, this cover of In Touch Weekly paints a very different picture... literally!

In breaking, truly startling news, the tabloid states that Kourtney and Scott actually don't get along. They are - gasp!!! - faking their relationship for the camera. It also begs the question:

Is E! the "Devil?" We always thought that was Spencer Pratt, or the Smoke Monster from Lost, but we're open to it being any network that airs a show dedicated to the life of Bill and Giuliana Rancic.

You tell us: Has Kourtney made a deal with the devil?


Hahaha thank you For_real_tho for agreeing. I do only come here for laughs. The worse is they copy from the biggest joke of them all. P.e.r.e.z H.i.l.t.o.n


NewYorker, THG doesn't know the first thing about "reporting" and/or writing...they constantly use the copy & paste options, and throw in a few choice words and/or names in their articles...to increase google hits....it is very amusing, tho...nice to come here for a laugh & throw some facts & logic in thier faces, it really gets their panties in a ruffle...lol


THG are you guys stupid? Your saying you don't know which mag to believe. Well there is Life & Style who INTERVIEWED Kourt HERSELF. Than there is InTouch Mag who constantly use nameless sources when talking about Kourt & Scott's relationship. Common Sense you morons. Why are you guys so obsessed with hating on the Kardashians?


Their mother raised all her girls to be heartless goldiggers. It'll be interesting to see how they end up. Hope they do a show when they're all 50 and 60 and suicidal.

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