Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: NOT Engaged... Yet (?!?)

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We'll start by shooting down a rumor making its way around the Internet:

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    Wtf siddy, you stupid little shit. no one gives two shits about what all you pathetic little fucks think about miley. GROW UP! stop trying to get involved in celebraties life. What makes all of yous any better. You are all just a bunch of low lives who need to get taught a lesson that miley makes her own decisions which is entirely her own business, and not anybody elses. Stop trying to interfere in a relationship that has nothing to do with the outsiders except the two people who I believe are happily in love. And as for you siddy, get a life. Do you think that just because you jamaican you are some how more important than the rest of every other human on this earth, well guess what sweety, no ones perfect especially you hun. Whether your jamaican or not, you are not going to do shit. And you out of all people should know that. So stop thinking you are all this because you sound like the biggest dick getting worked up over a celebrity scandal. Laters bitches


    They all ready broke up she goes and sleeps with another man so that's not his problem it is hers. She needs to put her pants back on. Fucking whore. That's what she is


    miley and liam still sited in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    miley cyrus has been fucked


    the press should soo read her book it's a purity ring she's wearing not a engagement or wedding ring it even says so in her book 'Miles To Go' get your facts right!!!


    i hat miley cyrus because she is a bitch asshole and she is to her self the guy who miley has hates her very badly he only used u miley


    miley u are noy pretty and plus u are such a asshole and i am jamaican if u did not know


    Plz I used wanna be just like miley cyrus but then one day I typed in miley cyrus on my phone and then some picture of miley half naked shows up I was kind of upset when I saw that and then I started reading articles about her making out with lucus till and that's when I lost all my respect for miley and now I think she is a stuck up hollywood slut that just wants to get horny all the time and put nasty pictures on the internet of her self and really doesn't care what people have to say and her parents don't even care that's bad parenting miley and her parents should be a shamed of them selfs and by the way I'm only 13 years old and know all about this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!


    hi i would just like to say what is miley thinking bout when she was in ireland.


    kaitlyn oops

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