Noah Cyrus Talks About Everybody Getting Crunk, Boys Trying to Touch Her Junk

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Noah Cyrus is at it again.

Miley's little sister has released yet another age inappropriate video, as she's gone from singing about smacking buttocks on the floor to getting crunked all night long.

Indeed, 10-year old Noah lip synchs to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" in the clip below. Yes, it's nice to see a little girl that's responsible enough to brush her teeth every night. But with a bottle of Jack? That isn't right...

We know you loved Miley's stripper routine, Billy Ray Cyrus. But can you please put a stop to this before it's too late?

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all i can say is that she acts like she is the next miley cyrus.well,she is never gonna be.even though she is her sister.


that girl has NO TALENT - how stupid to post this so the WHOLE WORLD can see that?


o.m.g. you guys are gettin TWISTED over nothing.sure she looks inappropriate but just mind your own business.just leave the girl alone.I know it is gross to see a 10 or an 11 year old girl like that singing tik tok by ke$ha but i think u guys are just jealous because she is better than you.and not afraid to step out of this world.


you re so STUPIIIIIIIIID for writing thisss


oh come on shes only 10 and its just a song its not like shes actually gonna get crunk.shes going through that kind of stage.


o.m.g. she is getting inappropriate.cuz you saw her and her freind emily grace togeher with mini skirts and so little dresses you can see it. and they were wearing alot of makeup too.And she will never be the next miley cyrus cuz miley cyrus is better than that bitch noah.


Omgz y'all are blowin dhis all out of proportion its noo reason for this it ain't lyke she doin sumn wrng she's just "singing" a song!!! Leave dha gurl alone. I mean considering her badly influenced(ing) sister she on her P'S and q's... ckut dha gurl summ slack!!!!!


she is 10 just leave her alone it is not like she had beer


what the fuck guys its a girl yall been doin this so leaves her a lone


This is silly. People getting all bent out of shape over this. It isn't like she made up the lyrics herself. My 11 and 12 year old nieces listen to this song and they're good kids. They don't even know what the lyrics mean, they just like the beat. It isn't their fault that "pop" music is such trash these days. It's sad, when I was their age (maybe a little older, I'm 24), I had Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Now days, all they play on the radio is crap like this. It disgusts me. Also, how is a 10 year old a slutty tramp???? I thought being a slut meant that you sleep with a bunch of men... which I'm 100% sure she isn't doing.