Jon Gosselin Suing TLC For $5 Million, Publicity

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Jon Gosselin, who was recently sued by TLC for breach of contract, is retaliating against the cable network that employs him with a $5 million lawsuit of his own.

TLC sued Jon after he barred the network from filming his kids, saying the show is harmful to them (after they cut him out and renamed the show Kate Plus 8).

That position is a reversal from late July, when Kate's brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider, claimed the reality show was harming the Gosselin kids.

Jon said then that such claims were ridiculous and his kids loved the show.

In his lawsuit, Jon is likely to argue that TLC is preventing him from earning a living with a contract that is too restrictive. He wants out of that thing bad.

However, in its own court filing, TLC noted that it offered to keep paying Jon when it planned to change the show from Jon & Kate Plus 8 to Kate Plus 8.

Jon Gosselin in NYC

GETTIN' PAID: Jon says TLC is infringing on his right to!

The network's initial breach of contract suit against Jon alleges the father of eight violated his contract with unauthorized business deals and interviews.

TLC also contends that Jon is legally able to go back to his former job in IT. Well, okay, sure. But what about a real living as a semi-famous douchebag?

Gosselin's lawyers Mike and Mark Heller are also likely to argue that their client lacked sufficient legal representation when he signed his contract with TLC.

The breach of contract suit gets underway in a Maryland court on Monday, December 14, when Jon Gosselin faces a preliminary injunction hearing.

Along with his on-and-off girlfriend Hailey Glassman, one-time date Kate Major and former pal Michael Lohan, Gosselin himself will be forced to testify.

Somebody's gotta ask him about those hair plugs.


This guy is such a douche bag. If he cared for his children at all, which from the "Jon and Kate plus Eight" episodes all he has managed to prove is how selfish he is, and how immature he is. You can't expect young children to be around a film crew and not get emotionally attached. When he pulled the crew away from the children he subjected them to emotional trauma. Since anyone can file a lawsuit the kids should file one against Jon for emotional distress. Poor Kate and Kids.


I totally agree with Epiphany- I feel sorry for Jon because he is being offered really bad legal advice


Jon should sue Mark J.Heller for bad legal advice.
Jon and Heller went on Larry King Live. Heller says, "I defy TLC to satisfy you and your viewers that they are right and Jon is wrong."
TLC has one of the best law firms in the nation. Jon has Heller who was disbarred for five years by the NY State Supreme Court. Heller can file a suit against TLC on Jon's behalf but Heller cannot represent Jon.


Anyone is entitled to file a law suit. However, whether it has any merit is another thing. Jon is now scraping at straws to try to be newsworthy. Maybe I should file a law suit with my employer because working the hours I'm expected to work prohibits me from trying to be a star. Jon probably doesn't mind exploiting the legal system because he's banking on being offered a lucrative tv deal. Quite frankly, he has NO sex appeal, no charisma, low intellect, boring personality.....all he has going for him is his connection with Kate. Once the divorce is final and custody exchanges are changed to limit Jon's ability to exploit the kids with the paparrazi - he's going to have to deal with a BIG dose of REALITY.


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