The Vampire Diaries Cast Members: Arrested for Photo Shoot

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This is a very strange story.

On August 22, a contingent of stars from The Vampire Diaries were arrested in Forsyth, Georgia. Their crime? Posing too seductively for a photo shoot.

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Actresses Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, Kayla Ewell, and Sara Canning, (as well as photographer Tyler Shields) were taken into custody by Georgia cops and charged with disorderly conduct because drivers reportedly called in about kids flashing others from a local bridge.

Police officers instructed the show's stars to reveal identification before taking them to the sheriff’s office, booking them and taking the mug shots shown above.

Shields posted $4,000 in fines and described the Georgia police as possessing a "flair for the dramatic."

In other show news, The Vampire Diaries broke every record The CW has for a series premiere this week. You really should watch it.

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That's a bit silly just for a photoshoot! vampire diaries ROCK!!!!!!!!


can i just say that wouldnt they be more angry iin those photos and another thing theres way more worst pics than that u dont c no 1 moaning about playboy models photoshoots or anything like that do ya
btw love the vampire diaries its amazing lol


i think it would be weird if anyone would be arrested for posing too seductively..


i love the vampire diaries more than any body EVER !!!! they are all fakes. P.S they are all smiling any way...


i really think that these photos are fake. if they were really getting arrested 1) they would have plates held up in front of them for records & 2) they wouldn't be fuckn' smiling if they really were arrested.


The mugshots are fake. Apparently no one was arrested.


i luv the vampire diaries


you know vampires do not like garlic even if it is deodorized i think it may be a good detox formula and artery cleanser and antitoxident for theimmune system.