Robert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart: We Are Very Good Friends

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Will this finally put an end to the rumors?

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    Why cant people just leave them alone yes if they r going out thts kwl if they want it to be a secret let it be a secret no1 likes nowsi peepul as long as they r happy thts all tht matazz


    OMG SHUTUP they said they'er friends just caues they play lovers in a movie doesent mean they are really going out...LEAVE THEM ALONE MIND YOUR BUSSEINS and if they said they're friends and you don't belive them SCREW YOU your not they're real fans


    I agree with hope...KS is nothing but a stoner and a snobby b..tch! Rob can do alot better and hopefully he realizes this. KS can't act worth s..t in the twilight movies. The only reason she gets any attention is because of the rumors about her and Rob. Look at her dress on the teen choice awards! What's up with that...She is a loser and a total disappointment with her acting skills. Rob congrats on your winnings as for KS get a dress and a new haircut! lol


    It feels so right for the both of them to be together...
    They look so good together. But whether they are or arent ppl should really leave them the hell alone about it!! How would u feel if everyone was up your a** about who you are or aren't with. Idk about you but that would get on my last nerve!!!


    This is old,
    anyways.. I believe they have something there, but are just hiding it... Oh well, it's not my life so I shouldn't really care.

    But, I still hope there's luck for 'Robsten' or, I can have him ;)



    I just wish they would be together. The way they are with eachother in the movie is just to sweet and breath-taking to just be acting. they need eachother -forever!!


    i think this is weird. too much celebirty drama.


    At a minimum, I want them to do their jobs and make me believe that Edward and Bella are in love. If they are together off-screen, even better because I think they make a beautiful couple when they are pictured together, and their interactions with each other are so cute. But, if they aren't together, doesn't change my mind about them separately. They are both very talented actors.


    OMG... i'm really like him he just like my dreamboy... pls i want to talk to him.


    I think they are secretly together. I believe the hollywood producers are putting pressure on them not to go public because if their relationship were to fail it may decrease ticket sales for the remaining three movies. People may be disappointed that they are no longer dating. It is sad to say but people have their little fantasies that Robert and Kristen REALLY are Edward and Bella. I say so what if they are dating. They have such awesome chemistry on screen it wouldn't surprise me if they were.

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