Carter Jenkins Had a "Very Fun Night" with Miley Cyrus

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It looks like Miley Cyrus is correct.

She does not have a boyfriend; she has mutiple boy toys!

Just days after she was spotted making out with The Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth, Miley returned to California - and attended a Kings of Leon concert with Carter Jenkins, an actor she dated prior to her fling with Justin Gaston.

Witnesses told E! News that Cyrus and Jenkins actually sat with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel during the event, as the foursome proceeded to go backstage after the show for a VIP party.

Miley and Carter

Following the concert, Carter Tweeted: "Awesome show & very fun night with MiCy @mileycyrus."

We hope you enjoyed that "fun night," Carter Jenkins. Miley has pairs of shorts that are longer than most of her relationships.

Actually, that's not true at all. See above.


Sois ils sont de simples amis et rien de plus sois ils sortent ensemble en secret enfin j'en sais rien !


miley c. is soooooo gorgeous she beautiful funny down to earth sweet and i am absolutely fine w/ what she is wearing and about her dancin on a pole...dont mind at all


people leave her alone who cares who she dates or what she does its her life she's 17 she is old enough to pick out what she wears anyway so pay attention to your life not hers ps.if you dont like her why do u look her up or care what she does hhhhmmm


i want miley c. and austin butler to date go ailey or mustin!i dont hate carter by saying they shouldn't date also people get a life teens ware this stuff trust me i have a 18 year old sister. so ailey or mustin forever and always


shes a teenager its what teenagers do just drop it there just people too


What on Earth are those pieces of what are supposed to be clothings?


please who ever posted this have a cow much there probally just freinds going to a concert. I mean get a life losers


Miley is gonna be the next celebrity who is gonna go down........she has no talent, can't act and her singing is mediocre. Lame, and her parents suck too. Pole dancing at 16, what were you thinking. Is she taking pole dancing lessons for her upcoming strip movie, skank-in-the-making!!!!!


i dont c y a guy nd a girl cant just be friends.. u can go to a concert with a guy friend nd not be dating him..
ny wAYS i like selena , miley nd demi/.. i dont hate ny1 .. coz they r all very talented


Miley is way overrated, she can't sing, can't act and is so annoying. Can't stand her, my neice loves her but she's 7 years old. She doesn't have a humble, truthful, kind, considerate bone in her body. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are way better actresses and singers. Go away Miley...........Hannah Montana sucks!!!

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