The Bachelorette Spoilers: Jillian Falling For Jake?

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The last season of The Bachelor was defined by spoilers.

First, the pinky ring of Melissa Rycroft standing at the finale was visible (perhaps on purpose) in the promo montage from the beginning, implying she would win.

Emily Pic

Then, an elaborate theory posted by a random reality TV blogger that Rycroft would indeed win the heart of Jason Mesnick, only to be dumped for Molly Malaney on the "After the Final Rose," special turned out to be 100 percent true.

Will this season of The Bachelorette offer any such clues? We've got nothing that good here, however, Jillian Harris made an interesting comment to E! Online.

Jillian meets Jake in the season premiere of The Bachelorette.

Asked how much viewers do not see of the Canadian cutie's interaction with the guys competing for her love, Jillian Harris said, "For the audience's sake and for the story's sake, I have to always bring that stuff in front of the camera."

"If Jake and I talk about something on our drive down to Martina McBride - we had some really deep conversations about life and love - and I made sure that I brought those conversations up again [on camera] so that when our relationship progresses, you can understand how it is that Jill's falling in love with this guy."

Did she say falling in love? It appears she did. Maybe that's just a phrase she's throwing around, but maybe the airline pilot is emerging as a frontrunner.

Stay tuned.

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I felt so bad when jillian sent jake home.he is mature,cute,ambitious,funny and most of al a perfect gentleman.she chose ed nd they din't even get married @ last.consequence of poor decision.sorry jill i know if u had chosen jake u wuld av bin married by nw.


I first have to say Joe you are so right, an that sucks that you forgot to call befor going home. To answer everyone questions He doesn't fly for America, or Eagle. If you look at his picture his hat says ASA. Money I bet 60 to 80k a yrs. But some one wrote it is not about the money, you are so right about true pilots.


I think this is Hilarious!!! OH a pilot oh my God a pilot. Come on I am one of those Regional pilots!! I wouldn't say I fly a puddle jumps just because my plane has 99 seats. Jake that is twice the size of yours an I don't make the money you say you do. Gazella you are so right but your money number are just alittle off. Maybe right for the propeller jobs. I don't want to say what I make-it funny, think about it this way "think about what you think we get paid cut it in Half!!. It is Hilarious that you are this captain of the worst Regional airline based on performance out there. Jake you should be up front with these people an be happy you have a job!! An can I ask how the hell did you get time off for two shows??
For those of you on this are so so right, this is not a life for everyone. And for those of you it is not easy for the pilot as well. An from experience "not funny" always call befor you go Home..Not always the guy..Jake your a pussy Im 34 an starting over.


"i know the airline industry my husband this blah blah" you guys are morons you have no idea what company he works for... your also a moron if you think a regional captain makes 30-40 a year...


It does not matter what kind of pilot he is or if he is a pilot or a truck driver or a business owner. What is important is what is in his heart; that he is a gentleman, that he cares and can love genuinely. And by the way, he has more future than the other two guy that are there now!


Jake is awesome but he does indeed work for American Eagle. I used to work for them as a flight attendant. True, depending on the equipment he may make a max of 50k. And the only way to get to 100k is to take a job overseas. I am married to a 777 Capt and we paid our dues. Retirement is around the corner. As far as dingy hotels, when I flew for them we were always in 4 star in the larger cities. Never in a dump. We always had a car waiting for us on layovers. I also flew in the middle east as cabin crew and never saw the "black car" pick up crew!


Jillian Is Missing Out, Jake Is Gorgeous And He Was Head Over Heels For Her. I Don't Get How Jillian Could See That At All, Jake Fully Opened Up To Her And Put His Heart On The Line For Her. And Jake Being Too Perfect, Thats Impossible. All Jake Is A Nice Guy Just Looking For The Love Of His Life. He Was One In A Million. Nice Guys Finish Last.


What happened to the level headed Jillian that was on the Bachelor last season, was she hit in the head with a rock or something? She is not the same. How studid does the show think the general public is, Wes should be shipped out by the show. Please, no wonder none of the bachelors or bachlorettes last after the show, is this all fixed just to keep the public watching.Can't we have honest relationships?


who cares about how much money jake makes ?. We are in the airline industry (I also work for a major airline) because we LOVE what we do... It's not ALL about the money.