Network Denies Deanna Hummel Joining Jon & Kate Plus 8

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Jon & Kate Plus 9. Jon & Kate & Deanna Hummel Plus 8. Jon & Deanna Plus an Ex-Wife and 8 Kids ... These titles don't seem to roll off the tongue, do they?

Perhaps for that reason, TLC is denying rumors that Jon Gosselin's mistress is joining the show when Jon & Kate Plus 8 it returns with new episodes in August.

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Now that Jon and Kate Gosselin are separating, rumors swirled that teacher Deanna Hummel, 23, who has been seeing Jon this year, would come on board.

Not so much, says the network.

GIANT HOME WRECKER: Despite initial assertions that she and Jon are just friends, Deanna Hummel is widely believed to be the woman he was cheating on Kate with.

"There are no plans to use her," a rep for TLC said of the Deanna Hummel rumors. "We are in hiatus and all future episodes haven't even been planned."

The rumor was launched in today's New York Daily News, which said "Deanna's role isn't expected to be big, but because she's part of Jon's life, she'll be filmed."

Well, here's hoping they change their mind there. Imagine the kids asking their new stepmom whether that's really her getting pummeled on that sex video.

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Deanna Hummel what a shame.... she broke up a family.


Jon is a creep!What a jerk! He twice married Kate and she went through quite an ordeal for him having all those children, he is a jerk running out on her. He needs to grow up and step up to the plate.


kate doesnt need a cheat like jon he should of done it like a man and get a divorce first or get help with therapy before becoming a cheat kate all you need is the kids to be happy and maybe one day you will fine mr. right who is willing to take you in with your kids and all hey who needs men a strong woman like you can move on with or without a man GO KATE


you suck jon... espeacialy about the sex tape thing!!!!!


After I got the news about Jon and Kate are going thru divorce I was shock. I used to watch the show with my wife or soon be x-wife. I always thought that they make such a good team and it's amazing how them two agree on things for the children and manage to have some quality time for each other.
It’s so weird that I'm going thru divorce right now and I got married around the same they did too. I also had my 10 years anniversary in August 2008. It’s just so strange that me and Jon we’re somehow end up in this type situation I find so hard to ignore so I decided to create a blog for the world to know this.


I will never watch the show again I just watched it to watch the children grow and jon,I never liked kate.


Not sure if I'm going to watch the show if Jon is on it, he states he is the one that got a back bone and left Kate/kids. If it was Kate and 8 I'd watch having said all this if they bring any of Jon's girlfriends on the TV goes off for ever on that show and bye the way that goes for if Kate should bring another guy/boyfriend on the show... Jon and Kate twice married and it broke up ... Jon girlfriends will be here on day and gone tomorrow and should never be on 1 show.. if the marriage couldn't make it then a girlfriend won't either...

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