Jon Gosselin Refuses to Shut the Eff Up

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We know this a crazy concept, but if Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin actually wanted to be left alone by the media, they'd stop talking to journalists.

Following a couple of photographs of himself and a pair of female acquaintances (over Memorial Day weekend and during a recent shopping trip at a New Jersey mall), the father of eight couldn't help but clarify his relationship with them.

"The two women with whom I've been photographed are family friends – Lauren Glassman and Lauren's daughter, Hailey," Jon said to People. "Lauren's husband, Dr. Larry Glassman, performed Kate's tummy tuck surgery, and since the surgery we've become friendly with the Glassmans."

Dude, who the heck cares?!?

This interaction between Jon and his friends barely registered a blip on the Gosselin radar, considering the pics were snapped during a week when divorce rumors sprung up and a child labor investigation got underway.

Of course, Jon had nothing to say about those reports.

Perhaps he's saving his nausea-inducing, publicity-garnering comments for tonight's episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight on TLC. Please, people, send a message and do not watch it.


Well apparently sites like this care, it sucks that he feels he has to explain everything he does but you've got to admit sites like this grab onto pictures and wring everything out of it.


I don't think the tummy tuck is particularly successful. Her belly button is almost inside her bra and she has a distinct round plate on her stomach that makes her look like she is pregnant. I think the Glassmans used the "free" tummy tuck as advertisement for his business.


Dr. Glassman created a monster.