Report: Jon and Kate Gosselin Set Divorce Date

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The following is great news for Kate Gosselin. She'll soon be able to write a book titled Love Is in No Longer in the Mix: How to Recover from a Failed Marriage Via a Series of Book Signings.

According to The National Enquirer, the marriage between Kate and her husband is over. A divorce is imminent.

Kate Gosselin, Runner

“Jon said their goal is to be legally separated by July 15 because Kate wants to move on quickly,” a source said. "Jon is going to push for half of their money, but Kate is determined to hang on to as much as she can - and they’re worth more than you think.”

How much more?

The couple allegedly earned between $50-75,000 per episode of their show, while Kate takes in approximately $20,000 per speaking engagement. Moreover, let's not forget the hordes of free items that TLC has handed out to the family.

“Needless to say, there’s a small fortune at stake here, easily $10 million,” said an insider “And Jon and Kate will be fighting over it like cats and dogs!”

Or, to be accurate: Jon will be sitting quietly, stewing over the cash; while Kate will continually nag him about being greedy and lazy.

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Totally agree. I meneiontd in a comment before, can you imagine Jon going back to the IT industry trying to get a job. He's portrayed so poorly in the media, right or wrong, that I doubt anyone would hire him.


Perfect work!


What a shock--Jon & Kate fighting over the money! Golly, many times did you tell us it was ALL FOR THE KIDS??!! Remember, little piggy, how EVERYTHING you did was for the kids?? Obviously the kids need a guardian at litem to protect them from their own parasitic parents. But I won't hold my breath. Nobody has EVER looked out for the best interest of these innocent children.


For the sake of their eight children, Cara, Madeline,hannah,joel, alexis,collin,aaden, and leah. i hope and pray they stay together. Stay strong guys! please!


all this shit is happening it all started from kate she forced jon to get married and started to have kids and then she realize she can more money and publicity by having multiple kids like free stuff,write a book, appearance,tanning,I feel sooooooo bad about the kids oh well that's life kate got caught up with this money and fame with jon just want to be more private and deal with his family and be normal but kate keep insisting to continue all this stuff that ruin their family.GET A DIVORCE JON FIND A NICE LADY PROBABLY ASIAN LADY WOULD BE NICE FOR HIM AND KATE NEEDS A MAN THAT SHOULD BOSS HER AROUND AND CONTROL HER GOLD DIGGER ASS


im not saying it was RIGHT for jon to seek comfort in another woman's arms(IF thats even what happened), but i understand why he would. cheating is always wrong but kate is one hell of a bitch. ive watched the show for a year or so and ive always been appalled at the way treats jon. he goes to work everyday & takes care of his family & all she does is belittle him, snap at him, and order him around. im surprised he hasnt kicked her square in the butt, honestly. being assertive & strong is one thing, but shes just a flat-out bitch. you can only push someone so far before you push them away. i hope the courts see the show & see what a kind, loving father jon is & give him custody.


I wonder if the sweet laid-back Jon-like twin will cheat on her husband when she's older too... :) Dirty, inconsiderate, selfish man. When you have 8 kids, how do you even have the energy to cheat on your wife?


Soo.. his wife was a control freak so he cheated on her? And when did cheating on your wife become a solution to a problem, and when did a controlling mother/wife become an excuse that people use in situations like this. She has 8 little children, I think she had to be somewhat controlling.


Her new show should be called: Kates A Bitch ... Plus 8. Ever notice the nasty crappy spoiled Twin is just like Kate ... and the sweet laid-back Twin is just like Jon?


OMG I can not believe people actually care about these 2 idiots. The economy is in the toilet and these 2 losers and their many offspring take up the news??? No wonder America is the way it is. Dumbing down America out to be our slogan. And octowomb and the ones with 18 kids, not enough time or words for them.

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