Jason Mesnick: Everything Worked Out For the Best

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Justifiably or not, Jason Mesnick will always be remembered as the man who pulled the switcheroo on the "After the Final Rose" special of The Bachelor.

And while he is a few months removed from his stint on reality TV, Jason still must fend off Bachelor backlash for breaking up with Melissa Rycroft.

On the aforementioned special, he was seen dumping Melissa (though it was over between them prior to that), for another chance with Molly Malaney.

"I think the time when people have been negative is when, like, a girl's boyfriend just broke up with her and they look at me like it's all my fault ..."

"I'm sorry if you feel that way, but it's not me! It happens every day and it wasn't me, I promise. I didn't put him up to it," the single dad protests.

Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos Maria caught up with Jason and Molly in Turks & Caicos, where the couple was enjoying a weekend mini-vacation to celebrate the grand opening of Beaches Turks & Caicos' New Italian Village.

The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick ended up with Molly Malaney, while Melissa Rycroft, left, and Jillian Harris, both of whom went on to further reality TV stardom.

After spending months being hounded by cameras for The Bachelor, have the two gotten used to life in the spotlight? Or are they happy to be free of it?

"I don't think you can ever get used to the cameras being on you," Molly Malaney, who still lives in Milwaukee but is mulling a move to Seattle, admitted.

"We really stepped away from everything. That's not why we did the show. That's not why we did any of this," the father of four-year-old Ty added.

As has become customary, once The Bachelor ends, one of the jilted lovers lands their own show - as is the case with new Bachelorette star Jillian Harris.

So does Jason have any advice for Jillian, who made it to his final three last season before he selected Melissa and Molly as his final two?

"She doesn't need any advice from me," he said. "She said that she was always looking for a best friend and I think that's what she'll look for and she'll find."

Of course, Jillian Harris isn't the only one of Jason's former suitors making a name for herself during a second reality TV venture.

Melissa Rycroft, who Jason chose on The Bachelor finale, only to have him break up with her later, made it all the way to the finals on Dancing With the Stars.

Have Molly and Jason been tuning in each week to see her dance?

"I haven't been able to watch, but a lot of people that I work with watch and they said she's been doing a phenomenal job," Molly said.

"That doesn't surprise me - she's a great dancer."

Jason said Melissa making it to the finals didn't shock him.

"When I found out she was on the show, I said I think she's going to win," he added. "Because I know how passionate she is about dancing. I think it was a great fit."

Through all the drama that played out on national television involving the three girls and himself, Jason believes it all worked out for the best.

"We're in such a better place right now. I think anybody who was associated with that show, especially the last four of us - Jillian, Molly, me and Melissa - we're all in a place where I think we should be," Jason said.

"You can't mess with fate. Fate is what it is. We're all exactly where we need to be."

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Jason and Jillian Eat Hot Dogs
Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney
Hot Bachelor Make Out Scene!
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Melissa and Jason
Jason Mesnick, The Bachelor Girls
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Jason and Molly in the Tub
Melissa Rycroft and Jason Mesnick

The frames of the show was no surprise to either of them.
I´d find it degrading having to go through what Melissa and Molly did to find love. It is bad enough without having half the world watching. Or was it only for fame?


molly, you were indeed number 2 for a moment. and you accepted his aplology straight away? you are so stupid! you didn't even think it through and the fact that jason broke somebody else's heart, you're so stupid! you think you're the queen already and jason, bad move man. i know you and molly won't last long, sorry to say! mellissa is way prettier than molly, molyl sucks real hard


I may seem sorta like I am rambling here, but if y'all think Jason was a jerk, you'd absolutely lynch me. When I was Jason's age, I was an absolute fool when it came to being able to figure out who really loved me, and who really didn't. And I would always pick wrong and break up with someone on less than civil terms. What Jason did appears to be really bad, but I made many decisions in relationships that were just as stupid as the decisions Jason made appear to be. Blessedly, I was able to get my head on straight in time before I lost the only girl who could have ever been with a fool like me. Now, after twenty years of a happy marriage that I almost messed up before it began, and four children, all I can say is, I wish I could have "grown up" sooner. Truly loving someone and being loved in return by that same someone is a gift that no man or woman should miss out on. I know. So, I hope Jason, Molly, and even Melissa truly find this. They will be better off when they do.


PEOPLE THAT ARE ON THESE SHOWS MST REALIZE THAT THESE ARE SHOWS....... IF YOU GET LUCKY AND DO FIND LOVE, GREAT. iF NOT ,DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR YORSELF, OR HIM IF THINGS DON'T GO RIGT. I don't feel sorry for Melissa. I don't feel sorry for Molly,They both knew what they were in for when they started with this show. Jillian Harris is a great girl. She wasn't very smart with Wes though. Like she said BAAAAD BOY. I think he's an absolte idiot, and would never have kept him pass the first rose ceremony. Oh well, he's given himself enough rope to hang himself. hopefully this will be enough to stop any record sales. I won't be buying one .


Well, Jason is a tool, of course. But, there is some good that came out of this:
1. Melissa did not end up with the tool
2. In picking the much uglier Molly, who obviously went much further sexually with him on the show than anyone else, he has given hope to homely, slutty women everywhere.


Mr. Mesnick was a louse! There are no excuses for his behavior, so do not say that the networks made him. He did a bad thing. That Molly person is his partner in crime. I am so happy that Melissa is happy now and truly blessed to be with someone who will appreciate her beauty and grace. The bachelor show is all dried up. After Jason Mesnick I think the show is ca-put!


If they weren't hitting it off right after the show ended, were they to live a lie? Jason was made to look like the bad one, when all he did was what they both knew to be true. I hope he, Molly and Ty get a chance at happiness now. Melissa has gotten plenty of perks, from what was a mutual breakup.


It was the Bachelor's producers that made him break up with Melissa on tv. They were already broken up and Melissa knew exactly what was going to happen. Because of their contracts, they both had to do it. So be angry at the show, not Jason. It was not his fault. The show thought this story line made great tv, but it blew up in their faces and just turned out to be mean. But, notice they are just letting Jason take the fall. Everybody hates Jason now and when it is actually the show's producer you should be mad at.


I'm glad Molly and Jason are ok still. However, it doesn't take away from the way he handled the entire situation on the show. I feel for Molly and can't believe she'd be a part of how he treated Melissa. It could have been done much nicer and easier on her. So if they're in a good place...good, but I wasted my time watching Jason Mesnick. No matter what he says....he handle the situation like a big jerk. There....I feel better.

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