Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick Photo
A photo of Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick from People magazine. These two are the picture of happiness these days, despite their controversial coupling on The Bachelor.

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Jason really made the Bachelor look very trashy. He needs to get it together. Show some morals and values, at least for his son. Molly seems desperate.


Just watched the "after the rose" ceremony & have to say that I am so disappointed in Jason. Can't believe what he did all in the name of having "no regrets". Can I do what I want regardless of anyone's feelings as long as I have no regrets?


Wow Shelly...So, I guess you don't have any kids and you don't drink at all? Talk about judgemental... I think Jason's son will appreciate the fact that his father chose with his heart. While it was hard to watch and I feel SO bad for Melissa, it's better to go with your heart and not get a divorce than try to keep viewers happy and make everyone, INCLUDING HIS SON, miserable later.


You and Molly Deserve each other Jason! No One will forget what you did to Mellisa!!! What a jerk you are. Have fun explaining this to your son. By the way. You have custody of your son??? Can you explain your drinking life style to him??? Disgusting!!!


jason he's a dick. punk

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