Adam Lambert Encourages Speculation on His Sexuality

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Is Adam Lambert remaining coy about his sexual orientation because he believes it's nobody's business? Or because it's a way to milk publicity for as long he keeps people wondering about it?

We hope it's the former, but it's hard not to consider the latter, based on the latest interview given by this season's American Idol runner-up.

Via People magazine, Lambert told those curious about whether or not he's gay to "calm down," yet he also encouraged them to "keep speculating."

Flamboyant Finalist

Lambert added:

"It's a really, really cool thing to be able to show people that you can be yourself, and you should be proud of yourself, and you should own who you are and what you're about, and never make apologies for it."

We couldn't agree more.

However, by never directly addressing his sexual orientation, Lambert runs the risk of not fully abiding by his own words. If you're gay, Adam, be proud, own it and certainly don't apologize for it.

Do you think Adam Lambert should admit that he's gay?


And, I suppose that everyone who is hammering him to come out officially is also out AND came out to the WORLD?


Adam is savvy and polite. He is not answering the question because it is his right to have a little privacy. His life experiences have moulded him into the incredible performer he is. He should ONLY share what HE feels is important for his fans to know. This topic should not be considered news.


What do you want, a press release 'admitting' that he's gay? When Michael Slezak (also gay)of Entertainment Weekly interviewed Adam today -- great video interview at --
they just started off with the assumption that Adam's gay and it was no big deal. Why the questions? Why the need for an ANNOUNCEMENT? Were any of the other unmarried idols asked 'to address [their] sexual orientation'? For pete's sake! Adam's just laughing at the irrelevance and prurience of the repeated questions.


I really admire Adam for his stance and that's bascically no comment. It's no one's business but his own and none of this has to do with the enormous amount of talent this young man has. We love him because he doesn't make excuses and you can either accept him as he is or not. I wish the press would just get the heck off of it. They did this for something like two or three years with Clay Aiken and when they finally got confirmation from him that pretty much ended the obsession about it. Maybe Clay chickened out and gave in I don't know but we all have the right to keep our private life PRIVATE! Without a doubt Adam Lambert is a star and a winner to his fans.


I think Adam is right on. None of the other business. He has handled this whole thing well. He has a true good heart and true to himself. You can tell how he always just frank on his answers and consistence.
Way to go Adam...


I whole-heartedly agree with Adam's approach. What Adam's carries in his heart and his respect for human dignity, something he always projects, defines who he is. Rather than respond disrespectfully to the slander from Clay Aiken and others, Adam chooses to focus on where he is going. Clay Aiken's negative comments have been a major disappointment. Up until then I always liked him. Prior to the finale I hoped that Adam would sing 'A Change is gonna come' because I knew that he would out-perform the original and because Adam is not only an icon, but also a catalyst for change. Unfortunately, some people just don't get it!


Adam is just following one of his mentors, the late Freddie Mercury of Queen. Freddie was coy about his sexual orientation keeping it private. Adam even quoted him " I know who I am" That was Freddie's ... Other times Freddie was upfront and stated things like "I'm gay as a daffodil"...
Who really cares..Adam can really sing


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