The Hills Recap: "I Always Had A Little Crush"

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When Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth came up with the idea to "crash" (somehow they knew precisely where to stay) Brody and the guys' bros-only weekend in Hawaii, we knew some drama was gonna go down.

But not like this.

Spencer Pratt at LAX

At first, Brody Jenner seemed upset, to see them, but all was forgiven at the mention of shots. And why shouldn't it be. It's Hawaii, and hey, there were now cute girls in bikinis along with surfing and copious quantities of alcohol. Holla!

Talk turned to Audrina Patridge and her "hate-love relationship" with that douche Justin-Bobby. She said she's not waiting for him to come around.

Ever the gentleman Brody noted and complemented his friend on her "most revealing one-piece." Stephanie clarified again that Audzo is single.

At this point, you know where this is headed.

BEER: Helping guys make bad decisions since 1927!

Later, Frankie Delgado, Doug Reinhardt and some dude who calls himself Sleazy T teased Brody about Audrina, who told the girls that she's crushin' on Brody.

Brody Jenner assured the guys that Audzo and he are just friends and that he was thinking about his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, who was not present of course.

During some late-night alone time, he sought to quell the sexual tension, until ...

"I don't want it to be awkward," he said. "You are sweet and a good friend, but if we decide one night late with nobody around, well, feelings are feelings."

Audrina Patridge didn't emerge until morning.

Post walk-of-shame, she made no apologies for sleeping in Brody's room. Doug called Brody out after he'd seen Audzo leaving his room at the crack of dawn.

Brody was honest at least, saying, "I messed up. I cheated."

He was rather nonchalant, however, considering this isn't candid camera and he knows full well this secret would eventually be televised on The Hills.

Like Spencer Pratt with bartender Stacie, how does that not play into his thinking when deciding to hook up with some other girl? To be fair, we don't know the extent of what happened that night, but it's very, very odd.

Speaking of the Devil himself, back in Los Angeles, Spencer wasn't pleased to hear that Heidi's virginal ex Colby was going to town with his new girlfriend, but agreed to do dinner with the out-of-town couple anyway.

There, he rode Colby constantly about his devoutly religious ways.

"If I was a virgin," Heidi's now-husband opined, "I would be a mixed martial arts fighter or in Delta Force. I would die. You're like hanging out with an alien."

The bonding continued at that night's Bible study, where Heidi thought he might learn something from her former flame's ethics, which could then translate to being nicer to her and getting along better with her family.

While he did pay her ex some genuine compliments, Spencer noted that if he were to morph into Colby, Heidi would dump him in a week for being so dull.

All she could do was roll her eyes. Just another day in the life of the incomparable Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Oh, how we love to hate them so.


Audrina is a very pretty girl but she has some serious self esteem issues. Even if I wanted to...I couldn't let Justin Bobby treat me like that on national TV.


i think ur right bout lauren and brody they do look soooo cute together and i gota praise lauren on how real she has stayed since moving to L.A, shes the only one who hasnt let fame go to her head. And as for audrina I really liked her as a person before she started being horrible to lauren over that rumor about lauren and justin, she shoulda known better than to believe that lauren woulda done tha to her, but then shes a hypocrite because she knows the connection lauren and brody have even though they aint involved romantically ne more she knows u shouldnt go there with a best friends ex but she still does when he has a gf. shes completely changed and not for the better!!!!


Yh there is a problem. Who would want to be with someone like Jayde Nicole? All you can read about her is "she staggered out of a club so drunk" blah blah. I know i would rather audrina by my side then Jayde nicole. I would never want to be with someone like Jayde nicole. Why dont she get a proper job instead of stripping of her clothes and having sex. i feel sorry for her.


Omg brody jenners gf jayde nicole is a dirty slag. he is such a gentleman and he is with someone like jayde nicole, a girl from the playboy mansion that is so GROSSSS. LAUREN AND BRODY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER XXXXXXXXX If Jayde Nicole is such a "dirty slag" why was Brody the one that cheated? With a fake whore, nonetheless. I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with being from the playbody mansion. You're either too young


Comment to Ugly girls are jealous... Baby girl there's no way I'm jealous, I have no problems gettings mine. I'm basically not a great fan of Audrina, in the way you are. I think she's pretty at times, but looks don't count for everything, you'd know that. I just liked the fact that Brody and Lauren have a nice connection and it would be nice for them to probably get back together someday. Is that ok with you tramp! I'd love for you to say what you wrote to my face... I'd knock you out! P.S. Pretty girls don't need to retaliate, unless dealing with dogs...x


Omg brody jenners gf jayde nicole is a dirty slag. he is such a gentleman and he is with someone like jayde nicole, a girl from the playboy mansion that is so GROSSSS. LAUREN AND BRODY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER XXXXXXXXX


I thought Spencer was hilarious, I have never laughed so much. Audrina made me quite jealous I wish I could've spent the night with Brody.


High five to Colby's girlfriend for mentioning how "different" Heidi looks now.


Gosh don't be mean!! I might not be pretty but do notcall me names, it hurts my feelings.


Oh please you two girls above are typical ugly sluts who are jealous. Audrina is 55 times hotter than you two ugly hoes so you hate on the Internet LOL. Sucks to be ugly like you two, then again you two deserves to be ugly cuz u obviously can't hang with good looks.

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