Carrie Prejean: No One is Born Gay

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Whether she wants it or not, Carrie Prejean has become a national celebrity.

The reigning Miss California's answer to a question about gay marriage has prompted a number of stars to speak out on the topic, while her references to the bible have sparked a (hopefully healthy) debate among The Hollywood Gossip readers.

Now, in a new interview, Prejean speaks out on a number of topics. Here's a summary of what she had to say:

  • Perez Hilton had a hidden agenda at the pageant. Carrie said the self-serving blogger "wanted to go out there and bash me and say things that were very hurtful."
  • She would only have coffee with Hilton, who has extended the invitation, if a pastor came along with her.
  • She would express her same opinion again, given the chance to do it all over again.
  • She doesn't see gay marriage being made legal, on a national level, any time soon.
  • People are not born gay. It's a "behavior that develops over time."

Agree with her thoughts? Disagree? Leave a comment below and let's continue to discuss this important issue!

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I would like to the address the stupid argument that gay people use to justify homosexual relationships. They say that if a man and a woman can't have kids, they shouldn't be allowed to marry. They ignore the fact, that this is an exception and not the norm. A woman has a uterus, a wound and vagina. Gay men don't. A man has testicles, penis and sperm. A woman does not. It is perfectly natural for a man and a women to have sex, just like it is perfectly natural for a fish to swim in water. If all gay men were to live on a planet without any women, they would become extinct because there would be no way for them to reproduce, likewise for gay women. Enough with the foolish arguments to justify something that not even nature itself does.


Carrie Prejean is an arrogant fraud . . . . who is gutless stooge for the Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin concervative point of view . . . . like them, pissing on her grave would be a go waste of goo urine


carrie prejean is a CUNT.She hates minorities.


I was searching for the term, or really question: why are homosexuals still drugging straight people" when this web site came up. These are the lessons that I have learned in my 65 years on this planet: no one chooses to be gay or streaight, if you are gay you are a victim of how a parent of the same sex treated you when you were a child, the vast majority of peopole in the US are homosexual and have been gay for several generations. homosexuals control all organizations/groups in the US, anyone who is not homosexual faces a lifetime of beng excluded from any power-making group in the US and a lifetime of being involuntarily drugges. Homosexuality is not a choice, it is a dysfunction. Gays are not pioneers, they are victims of a crime perpetuated againsst them by their own families. Conversly, homosexuality can be erased within one generation by the simple act of parents loving their children, instead of rejecting them to turn them into homos.


carrie is a wonderful human being. I love her. her shaved pubic area is a reminder that, although she prefers butt sex, there's nothing she wont do to keep her body in the public. she is my heidi montag with better fake titties.


I think she was the one who was going to win if it wasnt for that answer!!! I think ppl sure stop caring so much because she is just getting more popular n its only her opinion...


I agree with her too. Most gay people I know were straight before being sexually abused or raped. I have spoken with gay people and researched it myself "there is no gay gene" and the stories that gay people have told me only confirms my beliefs more that it's all psychological and/or hormonal. I know someone who is transgender and he (now she) dealt with a hormonal imbalance for years. He was married and had children living as a man. It was only until the marriage broke up (due to and alcoholic wife) that he said "stuff it" and became a woman. Funny enough though HE is still attracted to women.


why can't people who love each other just be allowed to marry? like brothers and sisters (they can always adopt!)? Why can't we marry our pets? WHY?!?! IF WE LOVE EACH OTHER THEN NOTHING ELSE SHOULD MATTER! In the gay community, our sexual urges cause us to be sooooo discriminated against! Like when we go to the grocery store, as soon as people see the big "G" on our forheads, they start treating us rude! I wish people would stop talking about the FACT that it is mainly gay men who are responsible for spreading HIV to straight women, if you women weren't so mean all the time, we wouldn't have to be on the downlow in the first place! lets stop concentrating on the negative! ITS ALL ABOUT LOOOOOVE!!!


What a boob. (And I'm not talking about her silicone-enhanced breasts) Anyone who truly believes being gay is a "behavior that develops over time" is dumber than a silicone implant.


People are born gay and people are born black. We should all have equal rights. I'm not one to judge nor are christians supposed too. Rip her crown off her head and give it to someone who isn't a liar or a bigot. . Your sister is no gay rights activist and you lied about your slutty pictures. I hope you learn something from this you are ignorant.