Report: Hayden Panettiere is a Raging Bitch

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Hayden Panettiere, a.k.a. the new Paris Hilton protege, may want to take a cue from her slutty new BFF. For all her flaws, the ho-tel heiress is the master at using celebrity gossip media to her advantage, not blowing her top.

By contrast, Hayden reportedly lost her cool in Hawaii this weekend.

The 19-year-old actress - who recently split with her co-star, Milo Ventimiglia, because of her immaturity, her club-going ways and a pregnancy scare - was acting testy from the instant she arrived on on the red carpet at a fundraiser held to benefit the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation in Honolulu.

"Back up!" she yelled at celebrity new photographers. A female television reporter then touched her shoulder and asked, "May we talk with you, Hayden?"

Miffed, Panettiere jerked her head around and screamed, "Don't you ever touch me!" She then icily asked a handler, "Oh, am I supposed to do interviews?"

Smokin' Hayden

SAVE THE CHEERLEADER (FROM LUNG CANCER): Hayden Panettiere apparently smokes now, too. Good habit to pick up, H. It's healthy and sets a great example!

Approaching celebrity news and traditional media outlets, Hayden went off again, yelling, "You all make my life miserable" and refusing to answer questions.

After the red carpet, the Heroes star got her much-desired privacy, hanging out in a private cabana with Justin Long and his brother. She then moved to a private dining room, where she and Long sat and chatted for over an hour.

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Immature But Hot
Pink Panettiere
Paris Protege
Panettiere in Hawaii

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I met Hayden Panitierre and her mother.. This girl is not a bitch!....she just does'nt put up with the bullshit! .!..calling her a bitch for putting one of those paparazzi asshole's in place!..These people are parasites...they killed princess Diana ...Hayden is respectful of people who are respectful...Another made up Hollywood story


she is a bitch. apparently my friend met her and she said " your serariously wearing that tonight?" in a jappy voice


If I ever met hayden I'd say Why have you never been in any love making scenes?Is it because of self respect or because the directors don't want to spend hours covering up that tattoo?
Where would I get that idea? ," one might ask. Heroes season 2 the scene where claire bennet cuts her toe off.anyone who looks closely will see a mole on her right foot.Or a burn or bruise.either way that can't be claire's foot.she can heal from anything.She should be highly grateful to Tim crang.If it weren't for the creation of claire bennet no one would see any good quality hayden panettiere had to offer.However I don't completely agree with hero buster.Hayden Panettiere is a very beautiful woman,but yes her rage makes people easily forget that.


lol it's true. she is a raging bitch - i wondered when the world would find out


She always seemed like a real bitch to me.... glad others agree


Amen people. There a millions of no name girls roaming every high school in the nation who are much better looking than she is. If I were her mother, I'd be disgusted with myself. She raised a self-centered, whiny bitch for a daughter. Who also has immoral indignant values.


Chill out people. It may not be a very good excuse, but she's heartbroken. I know for a fake I was a miserable brat whenever my heart was broken. Yes, she shouldn't be doing this stuff, but she's hurt. Leave her alone. And no, Hayden is an amazing actress and is beautiful.

@ Izzy

Bad excuse. Celebs go through partners like shoes and if we're being honest, I'm not sure if I could ever be heartbroken if I had unlimited money to do anything I wanted to keep myself occupied. Much less have any person in the world I wanted due to my money.


What is her problem. Her head is too big. I say fire her from the show and see how she likes it.


Ugh she's such a slut and a bitch. She's just terrible. I mean yeah she's pretty and all but she's so ungrateful omg. Your life is not "Miserable" Hayden, so shut up. I really don't like her and I used to like her but now she's acting so stuck up - she let fame into her head and why am I not surprized? The bitch is friends with Paris Hilton! *Scoffs* Yeah! That's not a surprize at all (:


Going to parties in Hawaii, people asking permission to talk to you, going to private cabanas, talking to Justin Long. She's right, her life is miserable!
Ungrateful b*tch!


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