Paris Hilton Taking Hayden Panettiere Under Skanky Wing?

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Paris Hilton can do whatever the hell she wants to Doug Reinhardt. Dude has to be well aware of what nastiness he's getting himself into. Literally.

The last time the ho-tel heiress decided to take one of our favorite female stars under her wing, though? We don't have to tell you what happened.

Smiling Hayden

THIS and THAT happened.

So we can't help but be concerned about newly-single Hayden Panettiere, who has apparently been partying with the former sex tape star of late.

Since splitting with 31-year-old Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia last month, Hayden, 19, joined Hilton at L.A. hot spots Apple Lounge and Guy’s.

Even worse, she marked her new BFF’s 28th birthday at Paris' pad.

Sounds like the breakup hasn't left her jaded by older men, either.

With Paris as mentor, she’s coming on to every older man in her path, such as Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis, 46, and actor Gerard Butler, 39.

“Hayden is really mature, so she goes for guys that are older,” a source tells OK!

That's not what we heard about her at all, but she's only 19, so we sort of understand. It's not like she's parading around clubs in no pants or anything.

Yet. Seriously, we hope she ditches the skank before it's too late. We want our site's gallery of Hayden Panettiere photos to be appropriate for all ages.

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First, Get some new pictures, this picture is over a year old, she has had short hair since June of 2008. Second, Hayden in classy, stoping trying to give her a bad name.


paris is going through one of her phazes again. its not like she wants tuh hang out with hayden forever.


I'm afraid Hayden's father is going to hit the roof when he finds out that she's hanging out with skanky Paris. In fact he may get so mad he might punch her mother in the face again like he did last year when he was arrested for it.


hayden needs to realise whats shes doin ... shes so beautiful but she doesnt need to use her "beautiness" for physical stuff.


oh dear hayden
i thought you had more taste than that!! ditch her quick, before Paris turns you into one of them!!


oh dear hayden
i thought you had more taste than that!! ditch her quick, before Paris turns you into one of them!!